Best Practices for interacting with source

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    If you are receiving a package to any address that can be associated with you, at any time, and they want to fuck you, they will. There is no escaping the long dick of the law. As much as we try to fool ourselves, there just isn't.

    Feel grateful that Uncle Sam and all the neighborhood Karens don't give a big shit about gear.
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    Terrible news brothers,
    I contacted my sources making sure to include my drivers license, social security number, DOB, and a video of me stealing a pack of gum from the local 7/11.
    The first two sources haven't responded. Maybe they are looking into my background to make sure I'm legit. :)
    The next source messaged saying all the info I included was not necessary and asked if I wanted a price list. I have a bad feeling about this one. He might be an undercover. I told him to go to hell.
    The fourth one sent me dick picks, I'm not sure what do. Do I send dick pick back? I heard this can be a kind of source proof that I'm legit. :)
    Last source sent me a website and I ordered some var, dbol, tren, and hgh for my first cycle.
    Problem is now my wife is yelling at me about her bank calling her about unauthorized transactions. I don't know what the problem is. I put my browser into private mode before I put in her credit card information.
    Do I need a lawyer now? I really don't want to go back to prison.
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    So was your original question serious ?

    I see that your trolling now.

    Are you trying to cover up that your original question was retarded ? No such thing as a stupid question.

    Just playing bro !!
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    I found a complete list of rules for shady online dealings, My information source is the onion

    1) Never deal with website that won't take credit cards -This way you can dispute the charge if your gear is bunk!

    2) Always use Gmail so there is an indelible record of your transaction

    3) Only use a source that requires you to make an account with all of your personal info and verifies your email address

    4) Constantly check with your source and demand tracking information

    5) Ask your post office to notify you when they receive a suspiciously wrapped package from overseas

    6) Let all your neighbors know to be on the lookout for your package

    7) Finally, Hire a Karen from to deal with customer service for any problems
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    When your source is caught cutting corners and puts out gear with floaters, kiss his ass and tell him its ok because we all know floaters is just an oops. It has nothing to do with not caring enough to thoroughly inspect viles before shipment.
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    Buy online is for pussies... real men go to Mexico’s pharmacies and dont pay..
    I always start conversations like this
    “dame la trenbolona, pedazo de mierda hijo de puta, homosexual comedor de nachos con bigote y sombrero” they understand you dont like to wait and dont fuck around with you...
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    Just find the guy driving the nicest car in tiajuana, rob him. He's got to be rich, probably some finance nerd. Who else would drive an expensive car around a dangerous city?
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