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    It was 6.9%.. Cmon don’t downplay my ownership in one of the biggest and most prominent raw sources around..
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    I was fairly sure 'twas about tree fiddy :p
  3. Mine too, like OMG!

    My issue is that you aren't skilled enough to do this properly. You've (supposedly) been at this for years. You should be far beyond the realm of syringe filters and presealed vials.

    Every source wants to do well.
    You're concerned for my health, so you syringe filter? Clearly you doubt your skill.

    You should have years worth of time and money already invested, right? Then why bring us your amateur showcase?

    Test what? Where's your tests? You mean those borrowed/stolen raws reports?

    You're here for your own benefit. Stop trying to make it sound like you're doing anyone here a favor.

    You could offer everything for a dollar, it wouldn't matter. At the end of the day, you're an amateur home brewer who lacks skill and is only here to make a buck.
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    I’m currently reaching out to the different labs to test to see T/A
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    Thanks for the explanation. Appreciate it.
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    Was your former handle here Amanofgod?
  7. Should be 5 days or less, otherwise your shipping time sucks as bad as your sterility skills.

    What state do you ship out of, and don't lie, because the first sucker, err customer will be able to confirm or deny what you say.
  8. BigBearLabs

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    New York
  9. The welfare state. All the pieces are finally coming together now.
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    First 5 orders come with section 8 housing!
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    Pro-criminal NY is a great place to engage in illegal activities though. Criminal justice deform, no bail for non-violents... Won't be sitting in jail with 500k bail like some people we know...
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    No thanks! I dont want to be stabbed in the hallway!
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    So no pictures of the setup?
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  14. You only require a mental picture.

    A large hairy man sitting at his kitchen table with a radio playing Blink182 on infinite repeat.

    Syringe filters and sealed sterile vials strewn about with Twix candy bar wrappers on both the table and the floor.

    Welcome to Big Bear labs.
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    And a picnic basket with honey pots

    DILLIGAF Member

    You're a cop
    Fuck off
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    I genuinely believe it was a reverse meme smokescreen he put up to hide when he got outed as Sherlock. Claimed he never sourced, didn’t brew etc... then he was sourcing in zombie land aka the AA discord gear swap not long after... his whole “gitsherlocked” gimmick and saying “I’m Sherlock xdxd lol lel jk” trying to pretend it was ridiculous went on way to long... I personally think it was def him, especially in light of him trying to source shortly thereafter.

    just my opinion though, entirely possible I’m wrong :D
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    2 entirely different states, 1 shit raw source who’s still actively sourcing and one guy who homebrewed gear which I know personally. 2 completely different situations amigo
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    Ok just wanted to clear something up before it comes up because I made a joke in a discord that if I was to ever source I would use pre sterile vials because I’m lazy and everyone knows where I’m from this is not me lol I’m not a bear I’m more of a cub
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