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    Pericles, why is your guy telling guys here that the nord pens and the gh they contain are 30% to 40% stronger than other pharm gh(serostim, Omni's, etc)? That is an outright lie. All pharm gh is somatropin. That is the truth. The only reason he is doing so is to justify the $8 plus price...correct?
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    Ben!!! Who is telling guys here that Nords are stronger than other Pharm grade GH? Is it the President/Founder/CEO of this UGL lab? WTF. I have heard it all now. I would think the FDA needs to know immediately about these "super" Nord Pens.

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    Yes, it is the President himself. I'm fully prepared to "Prove It". The member whom was given the pitch is forwarding the message we received and I'd be more than happy to forward it to you,
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    I'm not sure which lab that bio is going to be produsing somatropin(gh) in? I wasn't aware that they also have a facility in China and virtual tours are happening. This info is from a pm sent from peri to potential customer who is a meso member.
    The member should be grateful that he is given the time of day seeing as how he and all of us here make up only 7% of Bio business. We make up 7% of the business yet the president needs to give the "Hard Sell" on the fucking gh pens? How many of the fucking things do you have? 5,000?
    This fucking stupid pen serves as and should stand alone as being the only example needed to prove that the entire cast and crew at bio is full of shit. With such a large customer base, the fucking pens would be long gone.
    I do understand that half of nothing is still nothing...or in this case, 7% of nothing is still nothing.
    Peri, please, before its too late please abandon ship and come back to us. I sweat I'll pluck you out of the sea like a Coast Guard helicopter lowering the basket to pick a once doomed soul out of the frigid Atlantic. There's a thermos full of hot coffee on board. We'll take you back. I will do everything I can to make it a smooth transition. I'm serious. Please peri.
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    Damn bb that seemed really sincere! I love the illustrating you do when you write!
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    Got it and all I have to say is what a bunch of crap!

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  7. My pharm grade is better then your pharm grade. That's a world-pharma or Asia-Pharm type shit sales pitch there. Is Mathew Jesper going to be repping for them next.

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    Hi guys I'm new to the form...does biomedical have a website?
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    www . dea .org

    I mean, your info very well may end up with them anyways if you order from Bio and verbalize any issues or problems!
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    The last few replies may be more helpful [:eek:)] but if you are referring to Biologic here you go.
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    Do yourself a favor and don't , nothin but trouble .
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    Dude do not order from these guys.....PC has always been retarded but this shit now takes the cake... What a joke.... His posts completely blow my mind.
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    If I had nuts on the wall would they be wall nuts?

    If I had nuts on a chest would they be chestnuts?

    If I ordered super strenth nord pens from bitchogic pharma would I have chin nuts?

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    World class trainer, Multiple PHD's, Martial arts master, but despite all that he is working for Bio.... I am in complete awe after reading his posts on this thread... If anyone buys that bullshit and orders from here they deserve to get ripped off...
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    BitchLogic, :cocaine::
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  18. Another update to show you what a quality source Bio really is and how they place a high priority on customer safety. :rolleyes:

    Bio now accept Pay Pal and all major credit cards for you AAS shopping convenience. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

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    For anyone considering

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    They accept major credit cards??? That's just down right crazy. You can easily be charged with a felony and ruin your life/career.