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    Wow- brilliant marketing! I am amazed no other companies think to insult the very people they pay to advertise to- where did you have such a brilliant conception? Was it in your sleep? Or when your botfriend was plowing you?

    Arrogant prick.
  2. Who and How I was insulting?
  3. brutus79

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    One might call that condescending. I am no business mastermind but I have never addressed potential customers in this manner in my entire career... publicly no less.
  4. Who got insulted? "shit like that" - sarcasm, figure of speech. Did I insult you so bad, so you called me an "Arrogant prick.", "botfriend was plowing you"?
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    Like I said, next time you post something run it by someone so they can re-word it for you to make sense in the way you meant it, this is exactly why I said anything to you in the first place was because you were talking shit but trying to be funny/sarcastic, which apparently you suck at.
    Go back to your doobie or bong and watch a movie or something.
  6. Why are you guys so aggressive here?
    Where's all that "negativity" coming from?
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    This is America, get used to it...Until you prove yourself, all of your "shit" posts will only get you blacklisted here...
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    Keep walking lad
    This is us peaceful.
    You don't want to see aggressive.
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    Your the one who started with the sarcastic remarks. And there was no reason for you to get smart to begin with.
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    Haven't heard homeslice in a decade... im bringing it back! Love it!

    And home skillet!
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    Many "sources" just don't get it, COL! Meso isn't Eroids where "sources rule" your VISITORS on Meso. (Understand that NOW or your doomed here!)

    Consequently being confrontational and challenging Meso members in any way reflects of your predilection towards source bias and bespeaks negatively of your respect for Meso and it's membership.

    Seriously I (we) just don't get it! Your operating a sales business yet are more than willing to alienate those who your attempting to sell those products to, WTF! Have you people any idea how often Meso members are asked by PM or otherwise which sources are trustworthy?

    You think your company will be mentioned in a positive light after you "defended yourself on Meso", against it's members?

    Listen people FLOCK to this board for the very reason you dislike it, we are allowed, no in fact are ENCOURAGED to force sources to PROVE THEMSELVES GTG, making it the anthesis of Eroids, (where you are probably much better off, IMO)

    So allow me to suggest you remove that chip on that shoulder and try a little humility or continue "talking shit" and you will soon discover those advertised dollars have been wasted on Meso!!! Don't believe me, ask PanMan or are you two one in the same? I would be SHOCKED it the latter was not the case.

    Want an example? Well you damn sure need one, try "Angus" from Eroids FIRST POST. He is NO FOOL. You want RESPECT it must be earned and HE KNOWS THAT, he's got mine already!

    Absolutely pathetic!!!

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    You had no reason to get a smart ass attitude with Yee-Yee. Is this a reflection on how your customer service is going to be? Are you going to be a dick when someone who ordered from you PM's you with questions? No one here wants to do business with someone who is an asshole. You should rethink your strategy for gaining new business, talking shit to potential customers is not the way to do it. No one here is going to be ok or put up with you talking to legit members like this.
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    Why bump bio thread ????
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    Shit why is there a sponsor link ?