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    I've seen a few posts on this but I'm still confused so I apologize if these queries have been answered.

    I've never used any form of birth control other than a condom and emergency contraception. I've come to a point where I need to be on some sort of birth control however I don't want to be on anything that will effect my hormones too much and from what I've gathered aas may also reduce effectiveness of the birth control. Also, does that mean that emergency contraception could be less effective?

    With this in mind I thought about other non-hormonal methods I could consider. Do any women here use non-hormonal birth control methods? Which do you prefer and how would you rate the effectiveness and convenience? I've been looking into something called a copper IUD.

    Thanks in advance ladies!
  2. MrsVlad

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    I have used nothing but an IUD. I love it!
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    Do your men feel the iud “strings” and is it scraping their penis during sex? If so, how to deal with the issue???

    My girlfriend just got an iud and the thing is scraping the hell outta me to the point where I’m getting raw and it’s painful. Like... really painful now as it just keeps scraping me. We have tried to reposition the strings by me folding them back behind the cervix before sex which did help some and just recently we had the strings cut short.

    Still the thing is making me VERY raw. If it is a factor... we have aggressive sex for about 60 minutes EVERY day. (She has a medical condition which causes a very high sex drive).

    So toning things down in agressiveness or frequency just really isn’t us. Any females that can offer us some advice??
  4. MrsVlad

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    She should have an appointment to actually get that trimmed off. You shouldn’t be able to feel it at all. She should call her OB asap. It may of not attached correctly, or she needs to get the string trimmed
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    That’s what we figured. She just trimmed the strings a couple days ago, yet I can still feel them... It has helped a lot though, getting them trimmed.

    Guess we will have to keep experimenting... She suggested I wear a condom a couple days a week as a “shield” from the constant friction.
  6. ickyrica

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    My wife just had the mirena pulled out. Fucking hated it.

    you called her a heathen and suggested she resign from her job for advice like that, right? :mad::D
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    Ha! That won’t do shit! I would just back down, her cervix May still be swollen from the procedure. My husband doesn’t feel mine. What has her doctor suggested?
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  8. Sdryx

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    Procedure was done 2 months ago now. So she shouldn’t be swollen still.

    Her doctor just suggested trimming down the strings. But it’s not trimmed down enough, they have to hang out a little the doctor said.

    They said the strings should “soften” over time. Until then, I’ll deal with it. No way I’m using a condom with my girl.
  9. MrsVlad

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    She should’ve had a place in her arm
  10. Sdryx

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    I kinda want to tell her to change it. I can’t imagine a year of this.

    But then she told me it was the worst pain of her life getting it put in... and she suffered so much stress from the pain of inserting it that she developed internal shingles for 6 weeks where wearing clothes was excruciating pain. So I can’t really say much lol.
  11. MrsVlad

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    Yeah, the pain is absolutely unreal. I would have a kidney and my jaw broken again over that. It may just be something you compromise on? But if she gets it taken out and in her arm, it’s much easier!
  12. MrsVlad

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    Kidney stone*
  13. D-max

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    My wife is on her 3rd IUD in 15 years. Never had any issues, or complications due to supplement usage.

    The aforementioned string problem seems to me the person putting it in didnt know what they were doing. If I try really hard I can barely feel something there.
  14. Sdryx

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    The strings have softened up good. It took a few days after trimming for them to soften up but it turned out to get better just recently.