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    There are bitcoin tumbling services that take a % of the amount you are tumbling. Tumbling bitcoin makes it almost untraceable. No one is going to bother to trace your bitcoin through a tumbler unless you're reselling or something more than just personal use amounts.
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    Can you request your purchase amount to be increased through coinbase? I'm limited to $100 a week
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    I'm not sure if you can get an increase, hopefully someone will.
    I do know you're limited to 100 because it's a card you linked. If you link a checking account the limit is 2500. It does take up to 5 days for funds to transfer though.
  4. I'm think it can. I could only use my bank account and not a card for some reason. I know when I verified my identity using my drivers license my weekly limit went from $1000 to $5000. But I've also had an account for over a year.
  5. It took 7 for my stupid ass bank. I wish I could link my card.
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    I linked both. Go to "payment methods" in the drop down and it lets you add accts/cards.
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  7. I tried. My card keeps declining it for some reason. I contacted them and I think it's bc the state I live in or some shit.
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    I use coinbase. Happy with them. But don't fool yourself. There is nothing anonymous on line. If someone wants your identity bad enough, they will get it.
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    Im interested to as im limited to th e same amount .
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    The more ways you have to pay (credit/debit card, bank account), the higher your limit will go (assuming you're verified).

    I just opened my account, got verified, added a bank account, my debit card AND a credit card, and my bank account limit is $5,000 and my cards limit is $300.

    You will get increases as you use the system more. I opened a blockchain wallet and have just been transferring some cash back and forth.
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    I was skeptical too when i first bought online and was offered a benefit for using Bitcoin. I had no issue whatsoever as you are dealing with a 3rd party. (not the person you area buying from)
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    Did coinbase make any of you guys take a pic of your ID for verification?
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    No, never had to do that.
  14. I didn't have to but I choose to so I got a higher limit.
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    I did. I'm not sure you can actually buy/sell BTC on Coinbase with no ID. But Circle was the same way. They made me send photo of ID, even made me take a selfie with their software camera and took 3 days to verify my account lol.