Blue collar godz (no go)

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Nononsense, May 16, 2019.

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    Definitely official, DO NOT ORDER!!!

    Something went down and that lab no longer exists.
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    Their website is still up though. Who said something, BoP?
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  3. Glocker

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    Yeah saw that then they deleted his thread. He dumped a bunch of shit on them made me question that Reps integrity since he's one of the loudest and proudest over there gives his bosses 110% effort even though he knows what's going on behind the scenes then when he parts ways he opens the floodgates. It was ok when he was getting comped i guess.
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    ASF deletes as well not sure if its the sponsors that have the rights to do that themselves but legitimate negative threads do get deleted.
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  5. MindlessWork

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    Bust maybe??? That might be possibility albeit a scary one. Best to clean house if anyone has ordered from them recently.
  6. 88GENERAL88

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    BoP is a joke, I have never read a decent post there. It actually makes me sick, after an experience about 2months age with a source trying to pay me off if I deleted a post. Honestly, I continued to read more and more praising of the source even after my post so, I actually did go in and delete it, reason being is that it was obvious that it wasn’t doing anything. I never did collect on that bribe, nor will I. I am not greedy and After the bullshit I went thru just to get the right gear I ordered. I was over it because in a way I was taken care of anyhow, with being sent the wrong order, which ended up being about $100.00 more than what I had ordered in the first place.
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  7. MindlessWork

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    Yup, that place is a dive and a scammer heaven.
  8. 88GENERAL88

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    It’s the Craigslist of steroids. To be honest I never got scammed. But there is no reason that someone should fuck up a order for 2bottles of tren. How hard is it to get it right??? But instead I was sent 100tabs of Winstrol, 2bottles of Test prop, and a bottle of npp, and 50 1mg arimidex capsules, which I am pretty sure are underdosed but also incredibly inconvenient being that they are 1mg caps, and I can’t break them, then after 2 wks of talking shit and going back and forth about where the fuck the gear I paid for was, I was told it was being shipped, then after a week of not showing anything in informed delivery, coming from that area, I emailed again, this time it was, I don’t know what happened I gave it to the post office. Let me get your address so I can check the tracking info. Then after a long weekend I get an email with 2words, “ shipped today.” Which it still hasn’t posted in informed delivery so I was so fed up, I was about to just call it quits but 3 days later informed delivery sent me a notification that a post office had received a package. Would you be pissed ???At that moment, I had zero need for any of the shit i had got. I was loaded up on test. Wtf am I gonna do with 1bottle of npp. I don’t run winny only cycles, and my brain hurt from trying to figure out how I was gonna make 1mg capsule of adex work without crashing my e2. Anyhow, that was my last and final experience at BoP. They got the name partially right because my experience was a PAIN in my ass. In the end, like I said, I just decided to not even bother to take them up on that bribe, because I would be just as bad as them. I truly feel like they should have compensated me for my time and the bullshit I dealt with by atleast sending me another bottle or 2 with the order I paid for.
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