Body Research Blue Heart Dbols

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  1. I hate when people try passing methyl test off as dbol. I know it costs less but if you're gonna use a real ingredient, why not use what's supposed to be in it and charge accordingly? It doesn't make sense to me.
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    Sounds good, I noticed yours have the address 12/2 taskin rd. Mine have the address 72/2 taskin rd ? Why are there two separate addresses? No one has been able to answer this
  3. I think most people including myself would be hard pressed to answer such a question about the address legitimacy of counterfeits which are using an address to appear legit in a country where it is illegal without the license (which they don't have).
    Add to that the pakis who are faking the counterfeit products and trying to keep up to date with the labeling changes and you get a massive mixed bag. On the local market itself I have seen over 7 different Body Research versions, 2 of which are pretty terrible with the more yellow logo where its supposed to be off white in the 2 tone... The rest identical pretty much except for tabs, overly dark tabs had zero API from feedback same with yellow colored bottle ones. And then someone tested a thought to be good batch positive for methyltest so hey pick your lottery, the good counterfeits seem to be the most expensive ones but again this is easy to manipulate.
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    Yeah mine are the 12/2 address. maybe the other label was read by someone who thought the 1 was a 7 and they changed it? I'll take better pictures of the bottle and pills as soon as I get some double As for my camera.
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    How are these blue hearts working ??? Looking into starting a cycle myself looking for some help with decision ??
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    Depends on what you actually get. Highly counterfeited.
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    What's so great about blue hearts, generic supplements dbol kicks ass:rolleyes: lol...
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    Total newb question here, I have some dbol 50mg from balkin, on week three 50 mg a day and nothing, no strength or weight gain. this is the first time I've tried any gear and don't know what gains if any I should be feeling. I workout 4× a week no cardio, been lifting for about 5 years.
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    3 weeks at 50mg/day and nothing? The shit is BUNK..
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    In fact I've lost about three pounds:(
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    It's crap, good dbol kicks in 7-10 days max for me.
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    Got it from ek, sure glad I didn't get injectables, it would be fukked finally getting the balls to pin for the first time only to find out it was bunk.
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    Euroking? I find that surprising. I can't say I've read any other claims of bunk gear from them? Doesn't mean you're wrong. I would contact a rep. There's a decent guy goes by Irish. He's a rep for EK. You can find him over at outlawmuscle in the EK thread.
    I wouldn't post anything negative in the open as it would be deleted and you would end up banned. Private message him and be nice, Say something like you've always been happy with ek in the past and have used the product your complaining in the past with great success. Tell him I sent you over to talk to him.
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    Thanks for the info BB, I'll give it a shot.
  16. I know this a old post but love me some legit blue hearts got 1000 more coming from 24hour re up as real as it gets lol.can't wait.
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    I have a pack of 100 tabs, you have used recentely ? :) I think going with 30mg / day
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    Some friend use it, and all are very happy, i try maybe next time because hes have a large choice of HG product.
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  19. Blue hearts r good to go can't wait till more of mine land.24s.the shit good service and gear.
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    Anyone else have any opinions on this? Looking to buy 500 for $85 as apart of my bulk cycle..
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