Chances of Trazodone killing your dick?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Stanfoo, Mar 19, 2019.

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    Uh the shit you are on is also called remeron. No wonder your body resembles Ellen degeneres, and your prolactin levels are high.
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    I thought I had insomnia for almost 20 years.... turns out I was just a drug addict.
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    Same here. I see a doctor regularly, and even though I don’t take any medication anymore except for vitamins sups and test. I still let him write me scripts for gabapentin, trazadone, prazosin for some odd reason. I don’t like how any of them make me feel.
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    I took this years ago and never experienced that.
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    I have experienced pariapism from trazedone many years.ago. after about a 7 hour painful boner that wouldn't go away, I went to the hospital with my junk iced down and they drained the blood from my penis with a a giant syringe. Sounds horrible.but it provides.instant relief and didn't hurt at all. Doctor said it is a very rare side affect.
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    “Ditto” is some of that ol’ school agreeing shit. Lol
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    How much blood did you donate that day ya think???