correcting someones bad form

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by stevonov, Jul 21, 2020.

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    Ever watch a Branch Warren training video? He has the sloppiest form going but he says flat out “I don’t give a fuck about form” he believes in moving the weight and going heavy. He says that is what has worked for him, and obviously he is bigger then most wil ever be but I have heard he has gotten injured a lot also.
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  2. i would think development of accessory musles would be a factor. Getting sloppy and off loading weight on to weaker, less developed muscle groups is likely where many of my injuries stem from. Sacrificing form for weight. i've learned my lesson.

    For someone with much more development, i'd think they could get away with it, but only to a certain extent. It's still asking for trouble either way.
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    I'd agree this is the best route but if you observe someone doing some exercise in a way that puts them at risk of injury it should not hurt to bring that up *politely*. If they do oblige you can then show them how to do it.

    Of course if I see someone for example getting stuck on bench and can't get the weight racked and no spotter I'd gladly help that person rack the weight.
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    Unless they ask I just let them have at it. In this day and age there's really no excuse. We all have the information right at our fingertips. Why anyone would invest months and years into an activity without bothering to understand the basics is beyond me. It's not like it's the 80's anymore where all the information was passed down by generations of gym bros and magazine articles. It literally takes two minutes to look up a Youtube video on your phone.
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    man i dont live in the usa but in a small town in a poor land ahah... i know who is on peds... and i was speaking about the average motherfucking joe that write on some jacked guy’s instagram post “steroids...” .. not about average crappy ped user... and i can safely say that a lot of ped users look shit mainly because they get counterfeit shit or severely underdosed Crap... i saw a lot of fake stuff years ago, tried some (fakes for sure) Balkan and Alpha Pharma years ago and got nothing effect...

    The guys who have no clue about how to eat etc but run legit drugs grow somehow some Muscles like shoulders and pecs... they re often fat with a redic hydric retention because they drink a lot of alcohol and eat shit in McDonalds etc... but i was speaking of the skinny natural fat ones... i dont live in LA ahah... anyway trough instagram i see that assholes are everywhere... and the people say the same shit USA in Europe in China etc...

    Anyway, today i got some compliments from some guys... if someone gently ask me something and i perceive he has a pure soul i would help him in everyway i can.. sincerely

    Like all you good guys would do , for sure
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    If I see a seriously skinny guy obviously doing SL 5x5 or SSLP, and they’re doing overhead presses (and only then - since it’s stereotypical and fraught to offer advice on any other of the lifts in those programs; also because mine is categorically decent with a PR of 205@ 182lbs bw), I’ll give them some tips if it looks like I could tell them something that would make it obviously easier to them or bring the pressure off their elbow or shoulder joints. But I’ll always ask about their program first and only approach if I’m feeling nice.
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    I would and have offered advice in that situation. People that are obviously trying are usually receptive to advice.
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    At the very least you know they recently googled a program for people who don’t know what to do.
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    I’ll sound like an asshole for saying this but someone’s shitty form is their own fault. I never go out of my way to correct shitty form, it’s a waste of my time in my opinion. If my head is not down then I’m not focusing on myself.

    On the other hand I’ve been complimented on my form several times. The ones that are interested will learn just by watching.
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    100% truth right here.
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    To get back into lifting after a surgery I took a college weight lifting class just to force myself into a daily routine. It was explained to me that I was doing lat pull downs wrong to sitting straight up, shoulder activating more than back going to far. It made sense when I see someone who really has no clue what they are doing probably can't name it I'll try to explain it the way it was laid out to me. I'm not a big dude but I've lifted off and on since I was kid and have a fascination with lifting nutrition ect. I usally get the fuck you look and am ignored. So quit doing it. These peeps usally only make it a month or so before they quit
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    For the longest time I laughed at guys who would lean back on lat pull downs until a coach told me if I kept it up, I was going to blow my shoulder out. Thing is, I still can’t stand seeing guys using momentum to pull the bar down, instead of leaning, remaining stationary and using their muscle. So for that, I was thankful someone stepped up and offered help.
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