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    Dark Wallet tutorial:

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    Alpha 4 Version

    Released on June 13th, 2014, the Alpha 4 version of Dark Wallet is aimed at delivering multisignature automation, so that multikey manual signing is unneeded. The new development ends the previous hassle of having to copy-paste odd scripts in order for the multisignaure signing to go through. The basic features of Dark Wallet are now in place, therefore development has progressed to a stage where security, stabilization, and user friendliness have become the focus of development. The lobby pairing mechanics opened the door, so that multisignature signings can be automatically sent to other users, also allowing the signatures to be propagated to other fund members of a specific wallet. Now, when funds are created, they are also sent to paired owners. These peers are notified, so that they may accept the funds, allowing the wallet importation to take place. The spent funds are then propagated to mask them, peers can sign the funds, and the signatures are propagated. When enough signatures are received by a certain peer, they will broadcast the transaction, and propagation is stopped, as the funds have been successfully transferred secretly. The alpha 4 release took longer than expected due to the development of the unSystem forums, and the translation of the unSystem wiki pages into Farsi and Spanish. The beta is intended to arrive soon, though much work needs to be done.

    The developers encourage testers to use testnet coins, and not real Bitcoins, with Dark Wallet, until the system is fully secured, and thoroughly tested.

    Full release notes are available here.
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    Darkwallet Alpha6 released!
    More info here · How to update


    IMPORTANT The wallet is Not Stable, and at this point you should use it with real money only at Your Own Risk.

    Contents [hide]

    1 Intro2 New features2.1 Multisig 'automatization'2.2 Other new small features2.3 Prefix subscription for privacy3 Important fixes3.1 Wrong stealth secrets in some cases4 Known Issues4.1 Github Issue Tracker5 Contributors6 Participate!7 Download8 Support the project!


    This Alpha4 release is the 'multisig' release where we have finished automatizing multisig actions so they don't need copy pasting of funny scripts, more information below.

    This marks the end of the 'big implementations' and now enter a stage where we will be focusing more on hardening and final stabilization and gui, as well as refactoring the architecture to make it more flexible and modular. This means beta is starting to be in sight, although we're not quite there yet.

    We have taken a bit longer on this release (almost one month), this happened on one hand because we needed a bit of relaxing after months of intensive coding, but also because there has been a lot going on behind the scenes, a quick review:

    On the technical side:

    New unsystem forum, where we are taking darkwallet discussions tooThe wiki and main unsystem pages are starting translation to farsi, catalan and spanish

    On the more social side it's been really turbulent so worthy to comment:

    Can Vies, one of the oldest squats in barcelona was evicted and then regained by the people thanks to incredible popular support.A couple days after the bilderberg meeting, the King of Spain has abdicated. OMFG something is smelly hereThere is also a new political party in spain, coming from occupy ideas that suddently got massive support in the last election. It's not sure where this is going but it's definitely going somewhere...New featuresMultisig 'automatization'

    a spend notification

    By building on top of the lobby pairing mechanics now multisigs can be automatically sent to other members, and also spends and signatures get propagated to the other fund members.

    This way multisigs can be created, signed, and spends done without needing any "copy pasting", just by clicking a few buttons and letting the lobby messaging system take care of the rest.

    So, this is what happens now:

    1.1: When a fund is created it is sent to other owners that we have paired.1.2: Other peers get a notification so they can 'accept' the fund and it will be imported into the wallet2.1: When a spent is created by one of the members, it is propagated as well.2.2: Peers get the notification about the spend, and can sign it2.3: Signatures get propagated to other members3.1: When some member has enough signatures, she will broadcast the transaction3.2: Other peers see the transaction and finish all relevant tasks and stop propagation.

    We will still improve the gui and usability so it is better integrated with the history view, but we are happy about how it's working now, and already helps *a lot*, specially in spending from a multisig.

    Other new small features'Bits' can now be selected as unitIdentity can be selected from the address bar popupPrefix subscription for privacy

    The libbitcoin-based blockchain server (Obelisk) now implements subscribing by prefix instead of the whole address. This can be used for more privacy with the server not being able to know your address for certain.

    We still have to implement prefix search for fetching the initial history but that work is ongoing now.

    (note darkwallet isn't using this yet)

    Important fixes

    A lot of things have been fixed, check DarkWallet/Alpha3/KnownIssues. Here are a few of the most relevant:

    Wrong stealth secrets in some cases

    This was causing interoperability issues with other tools since we had an error in our implementation.

    Important: People with funds in old stealth addresses check fix below.

    Fix: We added a fix/workaround so the whole stealth history will be downloaded and re-checked to make sure bad entries still can be spent. This means it will take a few minutes for the scanning to be done so you should let the wallet work a bit (this will be done in a background thread so won't block the gui).

    Thanks: To piotr_n, Nicolas Dorier and others in the NBitcoin stealth thread who found the problem and reported it to us, as well as providing a patch.

    Known Issues

    The following issues are known on alpha4: Known Issues.

    Github Issue Tracker

    You can check our issues on github for more detailed information.


    Many thanks to everyone who participated in this release.

    VeoxThomas Hartmann (tphyahoo) for his SX workcaedessembrestelsd3zodmanParticipate!

    We welcome everyone that wants to participate in any of the projects related to darkwallet and its infrastructure, join on any of the following projects:


    We have an IRC channel #darkwallet on Freenode. Use https://webchat.freenode.net/ or XChat to join.


    For now we're releasing through github using PGP signed git tags.


    Video guide by Kristov Atlas

    Support the project!

    Support us!

    Your support goes a long way in maintaining us independent and working for the public interest.
    We use the support to hire more resources, servers and in general provide for the people building in our ecosystem.
    Support Darkwallet:
    (Information about the fund)
    Support Libbitcoin:
    (Information about the fund)

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    DarkWallet tutorial courtesy of Amanda Johnson of Bitcoin Magazine:

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    Dark Wallet Alpha 8 ReleasedJanuary 25, 2015 by Armaan Chandnani

    Dark Wallet is known to many in the Bitcoin community, as it makes it easier to transact with Bitcoin anonymously. An update for Dark Wallethas been released, which brings real cash withdrawals into the wallet

    The new update will bring many improvements to the Darkwallet, including:

    Experimental ATM tool/fast cash out moduleHistory is now cached on the walletBroadcaster feedback improved, and general gateway status overhaulUnlimited storage for the pluginCompatibility fixes for ed25519 communications

    The most popular new feature is the fast cash withdrawal module. According to the Darkwallet wiki, the new module will aid in the execution of these strategies:

    Allow the user to own and hold their bitcoin, not to hold them at exchanges, but in the user’s device.Eliminate the speculation around the centralization of funds in such entities, as well as fraud and thefts.Compete with traditional exchange housesLegal contitions without bindingsBecome a standard through open source so anyone can rapidly adapt to its decentralized technology.Cached History

    The main advantage of a history cache in a Bitcoin wallet would be an increase in efficiency. Not only will the wallet be faster, there will also be finer control over unconfirmed transactions, and people will have tabs in which they can clear and rebroadcast unconfirmed transactions.

    New Blockchain server

    As explained by the official blog post by DarkWallet:

    “A new version of the server is imminent after near a year of work.

    This integrates the research and development of custom databases and a re-organisation of the entireproject and code, so developers can better collaborate. We have also removed all OpenSSL code and reduced many external dependencies. The command line tool BX (formerly SX) now uses a framework for auto-generating code for sub-commands, which means easier and more consistent development.”

    Dark Wallet is the option for many bitcoin users who are looking for increased security when they send bitcoin to other people.

    The Dark Wallet development team is working to bring better and more improved features to thewallet, while fixing the bugs present in earlier versions.

    What are your thoughts on Dark Wallet’s new update? Let us know in the comments below!

    Image Source: Darkwallet Blog

    Armaan Chandnani

    Born and currently living in Panama. I am a senior in high school. Soon to become a finance student at Florida State University. I have a great passion for bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole. Writing in regards to it makes it that much better

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    Is anyone using this for real transactions? I have so far been deterred by the "alpha" designation.
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    The only thing I don't like about bitcoin is the wait game, like you have to purchase the amount then let them do some transactions out of the bank for like 90cents twice then in 7 full business days you have your bitcoin. But I loved using Tor and using bitcoin for the darknet, then my last 2 orders from silk road had got siezed and it was shitty because when it was siezed that's when Silk road was busted for the 2nd time...
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    Do not use dark wallet 8. It is in Beta mode your money will get stuck took me day to get fixed. If you have already updated go to Releases · darkwallet/darkwallet · GitHub version 6
    and input 12 key phrase.
    or use samori or electrum
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    Hey pump is version 8 a recent release within the last few days?
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    Yes its recent
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    Do you know if it is safe yet to use the latest version? I'm about to try to install Darkwallet for the first time.
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    Never mind. I just answered my own question and see that it is still unstable. Going to download an older version. Thanks for the links above.
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    There should be releases that are known stable and beta releases should only be for testing and be marked as such. Users should only use the stable releases to avoid issue.

    Thanks for the warning, PI22.

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    Hey guys,
    I sent money from circle >> blackchain>> then to dark wallet using the public key associated with my stealth address on dark wallet. I checked the dark wallet and my money isnt there .I checked with black chain and its confirmed sent. How do you guys send from black chain to dark wallet? do u use the stealth address or the Public key that comes under the Stealth address? I tried to put the stealth address on black chain and it said wrong bitcoin wallet so I did the public key that is under my dark wallet stealth address. Please Help
    Hopefully I didn't fuck it up
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    You said "blackchain" in your post. Did you mean to say "blockchain". If by some chance you are talking about "DarkChain" then you need to look around on bitcointalk.org. There was a thread a two on there from a while back stating this was a verified Trojan/Virus scam. I never used it so I don't know. As for Darkwallet, it is alpha and unstable. The latest version seems to be the worst. I have not used Darkwallet for a long time. So I have heard people claim that they have recovered the wallet from seed and somehow had success with it. I have never done it and can't comment on if it would actually work or not. Other than that, I have heard of coin just showing up after a couple of days. Sorry, I can't be of more help. I hope you recover your funds.

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    Yeah I meant Blockchain, Yeah def darkwallet is unstable and I def don't recommend using it as of right now. Do you know how did they recover their wallet ?. Hopefully,I don't use my funds.
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    This is just chatter from here and there. So take everything with a grain of salt. If there is anything you are unsure of how to do. There are tons of online tutorials to walk you through.

    1) Browser restart
    2) Recover from seed
    3) Wait it out and just be hopeful
    4) Recover seed in different client(See notes below)

    Note* Some wallets have the same "standards" for generating seed phrases. For instance, multibit uses BIP32 and some others. So theoretically you could use your public keys to recover a wallet into another one that uses the same standard. I do not know what Darkwallet uses. Furthermore, this only works in a few instances with correct bitcoin wallets. Electrum doesn't share a seed "standard" with anybody. At least I don't think so with out looking it up. Anyway, this is theory for the most part. I haven't done it so I can't comment with any personnel experience.
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    yep there are many times I have had to do this. some times it might just be the version you dl. you can use a older version and you can use your seed on any of them. check out Samourai Bitcoin Wallet - Home dark wallet has ditched there project a long time ago. If you run in to a issue. you are basically on your own. not worth it.
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