Dethklok: the fish

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ickyrica, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Ooops I mean "air stone"...

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  2. SAVE THE FISH !! :p (Liberal protest song...;))
  3. johnnydoe

    johnnydoe Member

    I believe they are native to fresh water streams in Japan if my memory is correct........might need to take a couple vacation days to set the poor boy free.
  4. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    Lol. Work sponsored I hope :eek:

    IRS: why did you itemize a trip to Japan?

    ME: dethklok bro. Dethklok.
  5. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    This is what I see first thing at work today. Day late, literally. IMAG0011.jpg
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  6. johnnydoe

    johnnydoe Member

    Aw man that sucks. You should get another one since you all already have a tank. Walmart for a couple bucks. Name him dethklok 2 The Return of Dethklok.
  7. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    I'm going to feel out the office girls (figuratively, lol) and see if they will commit to taking care of it. I'm out on the road more often than not, don't want to see the next one get all fucked up but we did have this one for two years
  8. gr8whitetrukker

    gr8whitetrukker Member Supporter

    Make a tuna sandwich outta him
    That way hell go in to your muscles as amino acids and be with you forever:D
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  9. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    I'd be in but he is dried out. Oh, jerky!!
  10. System7

    System7 Member

    I'd take the rest of the day off and go get lit. Tell HR you need counseling. #gonebutnotforgotten
    RIP Dethlok
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  11. rocco-x

    rocco-x Member

    They make handy slingshot know, if you ever need to shoot somebody in the face with a poison dart frog. Just don't lick them, there's no euphoric feeling lol.
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  12. frankonya

    frankonya Member

    What? Im surprised we didnt get a millennial in here saying something like,
    "if it were a dog would your coworkers have left him on a platter like that?" ,

    "people like this need consequences" ,

    "Someone needs to be fired or get on national tv and appologize"
  13. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    lol, I'm thinking about reducing the barrel of my potato gun to a 1/2" so I can send that fucker to the moon!

    Well, maybe the neighbors yard....
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  14. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    It's official. Dethklok2 has been voted down by the office.
  15. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    Thanks for the input, good quick thread. RIP dethklok 02/03/17
  16. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    You will be missed, Dethklok.
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  17. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    Beta fish typically live for only a cpl yrs max. They live in dirty water just fine
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