DEUSPOWER - official distributor of Deus Medical (INDIA)


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For now this is first and only forum where we have our topic.
But there are other sellers that offer Deus Medical products, even on this forum.


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Deus definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
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Wtf! :eek: Medical huh? Glad to see you got all our “medical” needs covered :rolleyes: Give me a fuckin break, you dumbass! o_O

Funny, I was just speaking to another member about how there’s been no new sources to pop up lately and how glad I was of that, and then BOOM this thread pops up...

At a time in our country (and worldwide) that has put people in a bind, lives are being lost, and our priorities have shifted you think to yourself “Hey self, what a wonderful time to go be a new source on Meso”!
Out of all the times for you to decide to come here and source your “medical” steroids, you thought “now” would be the best time for that? Smh! o_O

That alone makes me question you and your operation altogether. Quite frankly, I think it’s fucking disrespectful! You could have at least waited until this Coronavirus shit had came to an end, but nope, not you! o_O

Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself what you did to help the world during a fucking pandemic! If your answer is, be a new steroid source on Meso, maybe, just maybe, you should re-evaluate yourself as a human being o_O

Fuckin dickhead! :mad:



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@janoshik the new deus dealer, his product is tested by you and seemingly legit?

Thank you

I hope I won't overstep any boundaries when I share, but DEUS is one of my biggest single-brand customers.

According to Jano. Like him or not....

What's the pricing for this guy? Any good? I'm not going to buy from him, just curious.

Oh, and @VisionAZ is this guys carnival barker/shill.


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Im waiting my first order, Will tell my opinión when i try it, but it seems high quality.
Will try Test prop, tren acet and Masteron enant (Actually using it from horizon the test prop, zhpc the tren and hilma the Masteron with awesome results)


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These guys have been around for a bit.
A few guys on Meso carry them already.

Another UGL trying to blur the lines between UGL and Pharma.

I dont buy UGL that comes in amps.
It screams that their Trying way too hard.
Orals are priced okay.

I'll pass


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Steroide dady


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Deus Medical is also sold from AlphaUSA

Noticed you are about 50% cheaper however

Never used either source, or this product line

but alphausa have domestic shipping.....
some people dont care about 20$ and dont want risk internationale...


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Dirty pool, mister. We don't play that shit here and you know better.

Unless you want this source advertising in your thread, i suggest you get back to yours.
dont thingso... i thingso he forget mension...about this....iam his official us reseler for people who dont want internationale shipping...( but yes prices is higher)

we are not competition... becouse when people buy from my i spend money with him Screenshot_20200404-174758_Samsung%20Internet.jpg