distended abs

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by graybass, Dec 28, 2003.

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    Could use a little input from you vets. Been liftin 20yrs, did tons of power work in my youth(bench, squat, deads, and all asistance work also.)Now even when I get my BF below 10% I still feel very thick in the middle.(can see abs clearly but waist line still pretty big) I allways heard too much GH caused organs to grow, but I've used very little over the years. my dad allways could stick his gut out really far although he was not fat! I'm now in my 40's. Any suggestions? P.S. I think this has allways held me back from bulkin enough in off season.(allthough no problem there this winter!) I still do what I call powerbodybuiling (can't lift pussy high rep low weight,KILL ME FIRST) Thanks Guys That Old Graybass
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    Could be a combination of visceral fat along with thick obliques and abdominals...I have no idea, and I don' really know of any tests off the top of my head that could tell you....I wish I could be of more help, but I simply don't know....

    Good luck!

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    Hmm.... reverse abs?lol...Ive got the same problem.Have you ever used GH?
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    I feel you on the distended stomach. Personally I have concluded that most incidents occur do to excessive eating in the offseason. However, I'm sure GH and insulin are major factors as well.

    In your case though, it may just be genetics. I know I'm naturally blocky with thick obliques and there's not a whole lot I can do about it except work the hell out of my back and delts to permit a more visible V-Taper.

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    big abs

    Thanks Bros. great input!!! Anyone with a thick waist!!! Lets just get so F#@kin big that our waistlines look tiny!!!! By the way, in my case I eat good year around, so I think it's mostly genectic

    That Old Thick Graybass