Do you vets remember back in the day?

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by RazoBakk, Feb 11, 2016.

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    There's another option OP...GTFOH and go find another board that kisses your ass like you want it to. They're called paid sponsor boards and everyone is your friend there.
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  3. WOO WOOT .... ric rolled

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    It's called paying your Dues. And we are only smart arses when bellends like you pipe up.

    What's up cupcake? Bought duff gear? Get a grip!
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    Where did ya go buddy I was just starting to like ya
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  6. This is the way I see it.
    Forget paying your dues, becoming "respected" or "well-known", forget all the other bullshit excuses, rationalizations, and accusations you've led yourself to believe. This is the the fucking truth no bullshit. The reasons I'm not going to tell you, "Hey Brah! Email this guy and run this cycle right here, you will be fucking shredded and strong as an ox" :rolleyes:...

    1- You run the cycle fuck yourself up permanently and 1 year from now are pointing the finger at me bc I ruined your life. You're bald, got bitch tits and your dick don't work. Since you can't get it up your wife ran off with your best friend and took everything. You subsequently fell into a deep depression and were unable to stop drinking so you lost your job. You come on Meso and write your last will and testament and sign it "Fuck you TEK you did this to me!"

    2- You save for 4months and scrape together 6 bills despite working at a dead end job flipping burgers for minimum wage. You are finally ready to get your first cycle, so you sign up on MESO, and within a few minutes all your prayers are answered. TEK pops in and tells you, "Use this guy! he's g2g! I ran his dbol solo and gained 30lbs of muscle, lost bf, and my pecker grew 2inches!". BAM...the answers to your prayers. So you send your hard earned ends to this guy and wait.....and wait. .........and WAIT. Finally the shit shows up and it's got hair floating in it and you get an infection, you have to get an abscess dug out of your ass that leaves you with a crater of rotting meat where your dirty bathtub schwill used to reside. Or better run all the gear for 12 weeks and nothing happens, completely bunk. OR....MAYBE...JUST MAYBE...nothing even shows up at all on your doorstep. So you come back to MESO and you put me on blast, my reputation is ruined with my peers.

    Let me ask you a serious question here Amigo,

    you think I'm gonna put my name on the line when it comes to your health and wallet?
    How bout this instead, you hang around awhile and I will post up experiences of what I did and how it worked out for me, you can decide what's best for you o_O
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    Op get the fuck over your self. You sound like my older brother that's used to having everything spoonfed or put in his hand. No one ever helped me here in the beginning. I read and read, and realized that not only am I doing my self a favor by studying up and researching to make my own informed decisions, but the fact that you won't try to hold anyone else accountable for something that happened to you. What would you do if you got burned by a vet?bitch and complain right? Not only that, but do you really wanna sit there and listen to someone who claims they know what they're doing, doing what they are telling you, with out seeking a second opinion considering most people here have no qualifications to do so? Yes there ARE a lot of people who know what they are doing but how can you tell? Go out and research and see what everyone else is saying and compare. This is your body, and ill be damned if i dont take interest into what i am putting in my own body and how i will react. You just sound like a lazy fuck if you ask me.
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    insaiyan93 Member pretty damn new here myself, how come I don't complain about people not just doing everything for me? From my experience everyone here has welcomed me and has been extremely helpful. Hell, iI have a few respected members that have jumped on my training log and constantly give me feedback and are even helping me come up with a more efficient training style, without me even asking. There are plenty of good guys on here and they will help you, but they won't baby you, when they post links for you to read then read them, anyone can just follow instructions but you don't learn anything that way, if you read and learn you will be much better off in the long run because you will have a better understanding of WHY something works as opposed to just knowing THAT it works.
    Not trying to be an asshole or overstep my bounds, just my opinion.
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    I agree they do expext us newbies to know all the rules, and some of us dont ask for sources but for real advice to get going in the right direction to our goals. And im not talking about myself but ive been reading and i see a lot of new guus getting blown off or bitched at for not asking the right question, and i had that question.

    If i was a vet listed here i would be happy to help anyone.
    i just made my intruduction yesterday with what i think are legit question, so far some had reply 3 people and i thank you, but another person that happen to be a female register just like me, with a question as legit as mine in my opinion and she had 36 replies. Wtf????
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    That's a valid point, but you need to be aware that some members like myself are in different country's and timezones.

    I am in the uk. I come on before work around 5:30am and at night around 10pm.

    Personally I hit the "new posts button" if there's a thread I spot and I can help I will, many other members do the same.

    So you post could have simply been missed, but looking at the thread just now, it's long winded and confusing.
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    Been trying to delete my account for weeks, your all a bunch of faggot here sucking each other off, making your own rules, posting the sources of your friends, fuck you guys, you hunk your so strong? Call me
    When you can stop a bill lets asshat
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    How about you go fuck you mothwr
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    You suck at life, no one loves you, and no one will ever love you. Plus you cant lift, your body is horrible, and you paid too much for car insurance.
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    You've only been a member since Sunday you Fag. Hardly weeks hahaha.

    Pics of your girl or GTFO
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    Jesus Christ you are a complete embarrassment to the 40 and above. You must get your ass handed to you daily.I think you're the biggest bitch on Meso we've had in along time. Now hide your lunch money son....bye bye
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    New member here, just putting in my 2 cents as a new member. Main reason I joined this forum is for all the straight up guys that will tell me what I'm doing wrong. Doing your research on this forum really isn't hard and they're all right, if you spend about 20 mins really looking for what you wanna find you'll find it. Since I've joined I've had nothing but respectful helpful answers from a lot of the vets on here and its been much appreciated. But they're right. You can't expect anyone anywhere to just give you the answers to everything without you putting in the work. This forum is pretty sick and I'm reading reviews and people's opinions on everything from gear to even basic nutrition whenever I get the chance to. I'm glad to be a part of it and hope to eventually be sharing my experiences in the future.
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    I'm confused...were you expecting that post would lead to acceptance? I'm fairly new to this board and no one has been a dick to me. But then again I haven't posted much because I've been busy "reading!!!" and if you spend time reading, you can get most of your questions answered. I don't have 8hrs a day to read either, but you'd be surprised what you can learn in a short period of time. None of these guys are going to treat you with respect if you don't treat this board and it's info with respect. So I don't know what your looking for here...but I'm sure a source is part of it. And you can find them here, but they aren't gonna just say "hey I'm James...I live in Houston and I have the supps your looking for and if they probably should just put your money in the garbage disposal. If you spend some time on this board you'll see that regardless of the topic...many of the answers from the vets are "read more." i had a source or two before I joined here, but it never hurts to find more or better. But I'm not here just for sources and you shouldn't be either. This stuff is practically worthless without the knowledge to use it (properly). The way I see it is this board has many members with a wealth of knowledge (decades of how to, do's and dont's, trial and error knowledge) and they really don't mind sharing it, if you ask the right questions. Asking for a source is not the right question.

    So I'm not gonna give you shit (plenty of others will)...but you should really retract that shit. Blame it on you being bipolar, didn't have ur Starbucks, low on meds or whatever...because your post screams entitled 20 something with daddy issues.
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