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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by planedriver, Jan 6, 2016.

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    YO pass the porpcorn, show is getting good!
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    I ate it all already
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    DaMN it bro..o_O
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    in, got some popcorn too
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    By the way it sounds. Drugsgear has used all the Damm butter to fill his tren vials with. No wonder why this damn popcorn is so fucking dry.
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    ^^^all oily and shit!
  7. Dan Brown

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    I am a new member that decided to try drugsgear.com I ordered at 8pm on a Thursday night and my order came in on Monday. Packed well. I have researched prices and for me at 41 I want pharma grade and I want it yesterday. Drugs gear.com delivered.
    I ordered a second time Last Tuesday and got it last Friday. They responded the same night saying they will pick up and ship on Wednesday and sure enough mid day Wed. I got tracking #.
    I have been on TRT and I pay on average $800 a month. Using Drugsgear.com I can do a year for less than $1000. So to me I just saved $8,600. Just started to use will update soon. I have never taken clen and I can say @ 80mg my hands shook all day.
    @Drugsgear.com thanks for the two deliveries and doing what you said you would do. I will continue to buy from you and will refer all my friends who are also TRT.
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    So you will suggest it to all your friends and you have yet to even use the products? Kill yourself please.
  9. Bob Dole

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    Come back after you get lab work done on it. We don't care it took only a few days to get gear.
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    This. I've seen it over and over on other forums, people announcing "TD TD!!" like that is the be all end all verifying a lab is legitimate. no mention of bloods, results, any data. The package arriving means jack sh*t. I can mail you a vial of semen and tell you its fire. I'll even pay for overnight shipping. Does that mean I'm a legit supplier now.....
  12. Bob Dole

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    You would think sources would want legit reviews and only offer a kick back for those.
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    Would be nice, but it's so much easier to have people spout BS about how quick their package arrived or how nicely it was packed or how they whisper sweet nothings while they rape them of their hard earned money selling swamp water.
    Bloods,LabMax, SIMEC, is the best proof we've got in this game and even that has to be taken with a grain of salt.
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    Is it natural for one of my testicles to hang lower than the other? Thought you might know with all that dick riding.
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    You're a disgrace to a perfectly good author. Change your name and make it something like shilliam McFullovit
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    His prices are a little high, but I don't like Fucking around and waiting, and with DG it has been easy as hell to deal with him. I have not found a domestic with priced much lower. I am going to have bloods done. He is legit as far as I am concerned. I will admit he has not made it easy on himself. Maybe I an missing something, but what is this all about?
  18. Wtf $800 a month? What kind of TRT are you on, a gram a week?
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    I have to call bull shit .
    I use 24k and hammer . Tried Valk and a few others .
    Valk is real gear but super super under dosed . Like 50%
    My labs sucked on the first set. So I dropped them fast .sent them a email they were shitty with me . Asked for my labs . I don't give out personal info to drug dealer s .
    Switched to 24k . My labs were just right .
    Ran out of gear on this cycle and 24 was closed for a month no big deal. I tryed hammer . Made 3 orders so far with hammer . And my labs came in high and I felt great . I will post some pics .
    But as for Valk do not order . Waste of money .
    Now this fucker . Drugsgear I made my first order almost 6m ago $675.00 .
    Never got anything in the mail. Never got a refund . Never got a reship. Asked a few people at the gym if they ever used him . Half said yes one time the other half said his shit was garbage pip bad labs and under dosed .
    I personally will never get scammed by them again.
    And I'm sticking to hammer . Never had labs done till this past year . And I have to say out of the 3 sources I have tried 24 is spot on good to go . But hammer is just as good if not the best of the 3 .
    My favorite thing about that guy is he is fast cheap and no order limits . I can order $40 and get it shipped also I have like 9 ways to pay .
    24 has awsome gear not as much of a verity and a 200$ min order . Only 2 ways to pay . But also fast ship and turn around time .
    Hammer seemed to get off on a bad foot on here for some reason .not my business I honestly could give a shit . But I thought what the hell I will give it a try.
    I plan on trying a few more sources I will keep people updated .
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  20. Drugsgear.com

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    What is your order number?
    You lie - show evidences that you send me money and I picked them up!