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    Ordered/Paid and received with about a 5 day turnaround time. Shipping was packaged well. Wrapped in bubble wrap and vacuum sealed. Will start a test/tren/Deca cycle next week. So far from a supplier standpoint everything has been great. communication was great as well. Once i start the cycle i will let you know how it goes.

    I have ordered mostly from Primo but not on the VIP list. I ordered from Elite once, and have ordered from a few other sources over the past 2 years.

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    You shipping to same addy that you had a narcotic sizure with?
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    Shit, I had over 150 seizure letters from when I was remailing for IPChina back 2000/2001. Same address, or just a different UPS box number. Customs is separate from the Postal Inspector. That man is your worst nightmare in this game. Take it from personal experience!
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    Yes. I don’t think I’m on a watchlist for 10 tramadol pills.
  5. Just an FYI..I heard back from Dyel, he agreed to stop by and answer questions.
    @biggerben69 @Skull
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    Looking forward to this
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    @Inquiring Mind Thank you for reaching out to him for us. Looking forward to what he has to say, and as always thank you for keeping us updated. Much appreciated brother.
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  8. My pleasure brother..I’m hoping we can get him back to the clear vials. LOL.
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    Am I the only dumb one here that it just hit me what DYEL is?

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    Whenever I got my order in I looked at the product and that’s when it hit me, I felt dumb af.
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    Product just came in mail. T/A was 7 days. Packaging is one of the best I've seen. Bottles were wrapped in bubble wrap, which were then held in vacuum sealed plastic, all surrounded by foam peanuts. Serious care was taking in just the mailing package alone.

    The gear itself looks "almost" like it is made by a legit pharmaceutical company. The labels are extremely professional looking, top end for underground labs. All vials are filled to the same level, labels are evenly spaced at the center of the vial and care is made that they do not go on the bottle crooked. The only issue I have with the vials is some products are in brown vials and others are in clear vials... I'm not a stickler for the color of the vial, but I feel it takes away from their professional presentation having two different colored vials... but if thats the worst thing I can find on this lab, I'm winning.

    Orals came in a vacuum sealed package with the label located on the outside. The package is one of the plastic packages you rip open that has a built in zip lock seal.

    The pct and ED meds are all liquids, but same story as vials concerning the professionalism of the labels. Bottles are made of a very thick and heavy glass. They're just solid and feel like they wouldn't break if you dropped them on the floor. Also, each bottle came with a 1 cc oral syringe that enables you to correctly measure out the dose in MCG if need be. I thought that was a nice touch.

    As of now, everything looks good. Time will tell on quality. My lab rats are going to be testing it out asap, so a few weeks will tell on them. I'm going to cruise for a month or so on test then get into my Dyel products and update the thread accordingly.
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    Thanks for coming back to give us an update. I have to say I was also very pleased with the packaging. Also on mine my tren was in a clear vial but the test was in an amber.
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    Hopefully he does come here and answer some questions. Maybe if he's real good we can steal him from the other shit board.
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  15. Ok so I got another em from Dyel...maybe some of you can help address some technical issues he’s having posting. This is what he said in his email:

    “Do I need to get upgraded or something to post? says" You have insufficient privileges to reply here". also reason for different colored vials. I swapped to amber vials to make it more professional but I see people not liking it, so going back to clear vials. Already have products made and I'm not going to take a lost like that.”

    Please let me know how to reply to him.

    Thanks brothers
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  16. @Roger rabbit...thought you might find interest in this thread.
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    I envy your delivery, i want to try same with some Mast. Just been cycle doodling ,some dosages and compounds, how long etc.
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    It sounds like he needs to be registered, and if he has, then it sounds like he needs to be approved.
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    I just got a touchdown from these guys. TA was amazing and product looks just the same. Some of the most professional looking vials I’ve ever seen!!
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    Please keep us updated on how tye pins an gians go brother. What all did u get from him?
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