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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by hghpro, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    I already picked 210
  2. TRT

    TRT Member

    Well you the fuck are you that you get to be the only one...fine. I'll pick 210.5 & 230

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  3. Made in USA

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  4. Fitwelder

    Fitwelder Member

    211 and 222.5
  5. picholas

    picholas Member

    Sorry bud
  6. Rockclimber

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    Yes, she is concerned about her whole body feeling creaky and stiff on 2iu. It's totally different when you experience it in person rather than just reading the symptoms and prescribing it to patients. She doesn't work with HGH a lot, she specializes in diabetes.
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  7. ForeverSmall

    ForeverSmall Member

    213.5 and 199.3
  8. Ripp

    Ripp Member

    190.2 lbs or 210.2 lbs.
  9. Vikingiron

    Vikingiron Member

    186 or 193
  10. bolder

    bolder Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    196.2 176.8
  11. TRT

    TRT Member

    Oooo good one. Those numbers stand out to me...what are we guessing again?
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  12. Rockclimber

    Rockclimber Member

    Yeah I'm super confused also because I thought we were guessing his weight and whoever was closest to guessing his weight won something however everyone's tossing up two numbers so I'm totally confused.

    197.5 pounds is my guess. The reason I'm guessing so low is because in my mind I think of hghpro as a ripped Asian man so lower body weight.
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  13. Vikingiron

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    I was thinking the same thing.
  14. bolder

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    @TRT @Rockclimber
    Here’s the contest info :)
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  15. Ripp

    Ripp Member

    Guessing his weight for a winner.
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  16. Ripp

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    1 kit Puretropin and Norditropin pen.
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  17. lifter6973

    lifter6973 Member

    239 and 253
  18. Doug_S

    Doug_S Member

    186.5 and 211
  19. Vikingiron

    Vikingiron Member

    Can you post info on your finished oils? I know you have Balkan stuff which test well but has many reviews on pain and welts.
    You seem to be able to get anything... how about doing us all a solid and get 100,000 human sust, Test, and deca? If you got huge volume in those products and could bring them in at 7$ or less you wouldn’t be able to hold on to enough of them domestically.
  20. taco33150

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    Since their is a bac water shortage, could sterile water be used that contains .9% of sodium chloride