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    Hi Randy
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  2. Damn this sounds like R and R. Don't want to post pictures, conspiracy theorist about LE, email concerns, switching vials (hmmm), and partnering with another lab. The money was good wasn't it Rowdy?
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    Wow, gets old quick doesnt it?.. New day, new source, same old bullshit
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    Those vials look intense af...must be that fiya shit too!
    I'll take 20 testdecaeqbalone please.
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    Meso is the only board we are on that is open to the public the other board being private use. I see the concern that we maybe part of a past failed lab and want to let members know that is not the case. This is our first go at sourcing publicly and will do everything humanly possible to ensure quality and 100% delivery rates.
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    Rowdy, is that you? You cocksucker.

    Try again tomorrow. Friday is new source day. Period.
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  8. You want us to blindly trust you? When you just ignore our requests?

    - post your lineup / price list
    - post pictures of your stash with a piece of paper that says meso
    - post pictures of your lab with a piece of paper that says meso.

    You're not posting your fucking adress, fuck off with your cop bullshit.

    For real, your OP is laughable... "we've been here for a month"... so you're telling me that during the past month you didn't understand how the fuck it works for sources around here?

    Sounds like you were here and were too busy already selling your shit to notice what's been going around... either that or you're lazy and didn't do your homework... looks bad as fuck for business if you ask me.
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  9. How about some titties and then fuck off.
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    Pharmatech did this same shit. No price list and the cheap 20% off discount.
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    What’s with these new sources coming here and ignoring questions? There should be a rule to weed these cocksuckers out. “Begin answering questions within the first hour or have your thread deleted” something like that
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    We are in talks with a few higher ranking members and are hoping to put some funds in escrow for members safety. Hopefully that will alleviate some of your concerns. As soon as I can work out a system that seems fair this will be going into place. As i previously stated i will not be feeding into fake police accounts requesting pictures and other evidence gathering tactics. My safety and my customers is paramount. I would however be open to any questions regarding the products themselves sterilization, preperation, etc. Also the other thread was created in error. My tor browser is a little funny sometimes and didn't show the other as being created.
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    No pictures, no sales.
  14. Higher ranking members. Make it sound like we have a hierarchy here. What the fuck you talking about? @Roger rabbit can you chime on this and enlighten me.
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    There was a source recently who offered to have a respected member hold funds for testing or something but the source flaked. I don't remember the thread because there's been so many recently. This may be a rebrand.
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    We' re suppose to inject shit in our bodies on your word? Your one in a ling line recently of fucktards that try to avoid pics with the whole " security" bullshit. There are plenty of credible labs here that complied with no issues. Those that dont , don't make it as you are destined to do as well. So kindly piss off.
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    And who are these "higher ranking members"?
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    Good call brotha. I can't remember the thread myself but I'm almost positive it was @Masters Power who was gonna hold the money. Maybe he remembers the source?
  19. All good man, thanks for being honest at least.
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