Iodine Testicle Painting. Confirmed works.

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Stanfoo, Apr 25, 2019.

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    It works because iodine through diet is ineffective at reaching your balls, or at least not in any significant amounts to yield any positive effects. It'l go to other cells in the body first, leaving scraps for your balls, if they even gets any. Transdermally it'l go straight to your balls. There's nothing even to debate here.

    The only reason this is even controversial is because people can't think with logic but rather emotion (are you all women?). "LMAO Painting your balls with iodine? Sounds fucking retarded!!". Now imagine if you'd take your bias out, and look at this with just logic. It checks out (if you're at least somewhat knowledgeable about the relationship between iodine and toxic halogens). Here's another tidbit: Everyday when you're showering, the chlorine in the water will absorb through your skin, displacing iodine. You wash your balls while you're showering don't you? Hmm..

    Also, are people actually taking the "painting" part literally? You put some on your hand (with gloves on preferably) and rub it on your balls. No one's going full bob ross here.

    LOL! Typical uneducated sheep who has never done any meaningful research on the matter, nor even tried it, discredits it with 100% certainty. Just like some of the other posts ITT. I'll say it again, these people are absolutely pathetic with their limited mindset, just destined for mediocrity. Which is absolutely fine, that's how the world is supposed to work. There's the 20%/80% rule for a reason.

    This is my last post. No point in educating the ignorant. People with an open mind will try this while the skeptics can continue stagnating. If you have specific questions to the protocol you can pm me, I may or may not respond. I've no interest in benefiting the plebs.

    ps. Still no one able to discredit anything I said ITT as incorrect. Just posting their butthurt which I expect even more will come due to them knowing they won't be met with any resistance since this is my last post.
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    Holy fuck.

    Now I know how Layne Norton feels.

    Where'd that ignore button go?
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    Nobody knows how Layne feels. He is fitness Jesus talking to mere peasants on a tower of scientifically verified data and fuck you for disagreeing.
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    Mac, you're not one of the quacks that preaches vegan gains and the evils of meat on his twitter are you?

    Please don't tell me your peddling magic beans.
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    Lol what???

    Chickens hold candle light vigils for the mass murder needed to support my protein intake.

    AOC wrote me into the Green New Deal as a primary means of eliminating cows.

    I just dislike Layne and how he handles criticism and varied opinions.And if you mention Vegan Gains again I might have to find a baby to punch.
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    That's what I thought, but ya caught me a bit off guard. Lol.

    Norton can definitely be abrasive and he's not the ultimate authority on everything by any means.

    But the flat out bullshit I see thrown his way on a daily basis? I might be an ass at a point too.
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    Won’t argue that. But that’s sorta why I feel that if your personality exceeds your reputation you’ve set yourself up for some serious shit. I don’t know a single person coached by Layne and maybe I’m just not in the right sport for it. Maybe that’s unavoidable in this day and age. People gravitate to strong personalities.

    EDIT: you’re all pussies. Iodine straight to the nuts with a 20g pin
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    Oh I get that.

    I just like him because he doesn't deal in the political bullshit. He won't deny that different approaches to nutrition work better for different people though. Which is refreshing.

    He also calls the fuck outta the snake oil salesmen that claim their diet of choice is the answer to everything from cancer to fucking sun burns though. Which is FUCKING refreshing.

    So tired of that shit and the ignorant fucks that buy into it and constantly try to 're-educate' you.
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    He must’ve changed his tune since i last watched. He’s informative but back maybe 3-5 years he was SO absolutist about his methods. I’ll need to dig into his content again.
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    Please, cite a peer reviewed study that supports your claim.

    The fact that you jumped to calling everyone sheep destined for mediocrity is a fine example of your inability to outline a point and post evidence to support it. You could have posted something, anything, that supports your claim and you chose to stand on a high horse with iodine on your balls.

    You made an outlandish claim, you posted a completely unsupported link, you presented an anecdote about your ejaculate (I'm being generous by even calling it an anecdote), came back to present a strawman argument about everyone apparently thinking iodine is worthless in a diet and now you're "leaving the thread". You must have been popular on the debate team.
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    I had to unfollow him on IG... His content was a constant barrage of abrasiveness towards fitness personalities. I enjoy watching people get owned with the written word immensely... So that should say something given the fact I just couldn't read his posts anymore. Most of the time I did agree with him... Sometimes I didn't.
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    @Eman you’re such a hater. Just dunked my shit in an iodine fountain and pasted my wife to the ceiling, there’s that for your anecdote. Even got a vid.
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  13. Well even if you rub something on your balls and it were to absorb it’s getting absorbed by the superficial veins/capillaries that will probably just spread it out. Even if it did make it thru the skin and into the actual cavity there’s a blood-testicular-barrier similar to the blood-brain-barrier, so if it made it that far would it would it make it to the testicle..
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    He's much better in the 140 character format. :p

    Still a dick, but you can't fit ten inches into a four inch hole. Ya know?
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    On a related note - I'mma drop a pipett of LSD onto my balls tonight.

    I'll let y'all know if I cum rainbows.
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    Love how you only make this post after I said I'm out. You saw said post yesterday but didn't have the gall to chime in. inb4 "I just saw dis post". Only reason I'm addressing your post is to out you for being a pussy.

    What's my claim again? Quoted in the OP: I don't claim it boosts testosterone like all the other websites say, but it undoubtedly has a positive effect on the sexual organs. You consider this an "outlandish claim", just lol.

    As far as evidence goes, a plethora of positive anecdotes on this protocol stating how it improved their sexual function can be found on the interwebs if you actually did your research. Oh right, you were expecting me to feed you everything on a spoon with links and such. I guess you didn't realize, but I intentionally presented the OP the way I did. My only intention was to aware people of this protocol and iodine's importance. Those with an open mind would then do their own research to verify my claims and if they went on to try it, would be pleasantly surprised, while those that are ignorant would come out of the woodwork and post their cringe comments and out themselves as such. I took the organic route, thread went exactly as planned. Those deserving of my information would benefit, while those that don't will not.

    "Anecdotes doesn't count as evidence! No study = it's not true!" That's your logic right here and a fine example of the close minded mentality which has been demonstrated ITT. Said people will always be behind and left in the dirt, as the inferior beings they are.

    The only thing I care about here is being right which I have not been proven otherwise. I dare'd everyone to quote anything I said as incorrect, yet crickets. I even called out yo boy Doc, but he had nothing. Keep being salty ya plebs, I remain on top. /out for real
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    Listen up, you stupid fuck. Peer reviewed studies is all that matters, fucking nothing else. You painted your testicles with iodine and shot a huge load, congratulations. Prove to me that it wasnt something else that caused it or placebo effect, c'mon we're waiting! You have no idea what proof is. After I ate a twinkie my dick got hard, prove me wrong! Oh yeah, theres a guy on the internet who says twinkies are better than viagra. He has studies(not peer reviewed)to prove it too! I think his name is Mr. Hostess.Calling us sheeple while you paint your nutsack in the corner is pretty fucking humorous. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you're a gullible fuck!
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    Lmao, happy little..... I remember watching him, he has,had a small studio over here. And that hair! No cycles for him.
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    That's right dipshit, I followed your posts all fucking day waiting for the one where you said you were out before I decided, "Ha, now's my chance." YOU saw MY post yesterday and didn't have the gall to respond because you would have had to post evidence.

    Yes, OUTLANDISH. You have no clue if the iodine has any correlation to... A better load?? THAT'S the sudden positive effect that everyone should go out and buy this for? I think it had more of an effect on your brain and you just didn't realize it.

    Just lol at all of this... You posted a poor thread. I ask for one supporting study, I'll even settle for a reasonably written article and you don't have it so now I'm being accused of being spoon-fed. How stupid do you feel to come here and make a claim that is so unsupported that it only exists as anecdotes in a few niche forums? Once again, thanks for making my point for me... You could have posted anything to support your argument and make me look foolish but you didn't because you can't. Whose the sheep again? For fuck sake, you follow the snake oil mentality and think everyone else is a sheep for not following suit.

    You quoted something I never said... Anecdotes are always where the science begins. But they should be questioned, not spewed as fact like you've done.

    No surprise that this is how you view things... I mean, you can't prove santa Claus doesn't actually doesn't exist right? Russell's teapot... The inability to disprove does not prove. Surely you know that... With your superior mind and iodine stained balls, lol.

    In response to your claim that iodine is poorly bioavailable through oral ingestion:

    Iodine is readily absorbed via the entire length of the intestinal tract with an estimated bioavailability of 92%.6. Iodine is absorbed via passive diffusion, while iodide is absorbed via a transport protein called the sodium iodide symporter (NIS) in the gastric mucosa. There is no condition known that results in gastrointestinal malabsorption, even in those with malabsorption syndromes such as celiac disease.

    Nyiri W and Jannitti M. “About the fate of free iodine upon application to the unbroken animal skin. An experimental study.” J Pharmacd Exp Ther, 1932; 45:85-107.

    That transdermal application is somehow better:

    Some absorption of iodine through the skin appears to take place, although the vast majority of what is applied evaporates before being absorbed.

    Nutrient Profile: Iodine

    Nyiri W, Jannitti M. About the fate of free iodine upon application to the unbroken animal skin. An experimental study. J Pharmacd Exp Ther. 1932;45:85-107.

    That transdermal tincture of iodine is less effective than a bolus dose of oral iodine:

    Miller KL, Coen PE, et al. Effectiveness of skin absorption of tincture of I in blocking radioiodine from the human thyroid gland. Health Phys. 1989;56:911-914.

    Your next response is that if it worked for you anecdotally than that is all that matters... To which I'll respond that you're moving the goal posts... And then you'll respond with attacks on my character like the little cornered feral critter you are. THAT'S why no one wanted to really deal with responding to you... Not because of your alleged superiority.

    Stop acting like you have a superior mind. You do not.
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