Is Balkan Pharma pharma or ugl?

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    I thought it would be a good idea to drop this information here:

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    Moldovan Acting Prime Minister Vlad Filat in 2009-2013 was a big fan of Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

    But Moldovan Acting Prime Minister Gheorghe Brega in 2015-2016 was long-time critic of Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

    Brega accused Balkan Pharma of producing low-quality products intended primarily for diversion to the bodybuilding/doping black market.

    Gheorghe Brega in 2013:

    Google translate from Inca un investitor vrea sa plece. Balkan Pharmaceuticals nu exclude retragerea capitalului din RM):

    Google translate from Răspunsul lui Brega: „Medicamentul nu trebuie să otrăvească cetățenii”

    Balkan Pharmaceuticals Director Silviu rejected the accusations by Gheorghe Brega:

    Google translate from: Reprezentanţii Balkan Pharmaceuticals vin cu acuzaţii: Gheorghe Brega exercită presiuni asupra întreprinderii

    balkan-pharma-response-gheorghe-brega-01.jpg balkan-pharma-response-gheorghe-brega-02.jpg
    Google translation:


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    Balkan is 100% pharma grade. SP labs is a UGL owned by Balkan. Balkan obviously still caters to the BB community hints they carry tren which is why some swear they are ugl. When I was in the military I saw Balkan sold in pharmacies in Europe and certain medicines are used in Hospitals. It’s 100% pharma grade.
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    Both brands are manufactured in the same labs cuz its same owner.
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    We're not debating this.

    Pharmaceutical grade drugs are the ones made by a company that's legally registered as a pharmaceutical company.

    The country where it's registered doesn't matter. And, obviously, you can have good drugs made by a UGL lab and bad stuff made by a pharmaceutical company.

    A product approved by a more strict health department will normally be a better, cleaner product. Nothing new about that and has nothing to do with the definition of pharmaceutical grade drug, which is what we're discussing here.

    And vast majority of raws nowadays come from China, even ones used by Bayer, Schering, etc...
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    Nah, today I just feel like educating you.
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    I was just looking at Balkan’s official site and they even make medication for children? It looks legit , but I always thought alpha, pharmacon, gpz, etc, we’re just UGL’s with a big factory , better quality control and more money.
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    There was an UGL shit called for "NASPHARMA". Owner himself died a few years ago. According to their official website, they have even antibiotics and located it Malta lol. The guy was living in Turkey, and never sold or produced one single antibio lol. Was very good shaped website, that was all. I knew him in person.

    Balkan, officially, can be considered as "pharmacy brand". But in fact, I have to repeat, that's part is the point itself:
    If any random country's health sector is "decent" and ministry of health of that country regulates pharmacies and whole health sector regularly, government/health department formally finalize the drugs that don't serve to the people.

    Let's take it easy.
    tren-hex. Is there any legal human use for medical purposes in the planet earth? No. Breast cancer? Are you kidding me? Ok, so why do Balkan produce it? For making money. That is totally about corruption. Their stuff could be fulldose, probably they are, cause I, myself, me, never saw a bad lab test of Balkan before, and that's why I keep selling their stuff! (have their all injectable stuff)

    In Turkey and probably in the States, too, there is no one single drug (currently available in pharmacies) that don't serve to the people anymore. Cause health deparments of these countries work perfectly. If there is no medical purposes anymore, Turkish Health Department and/or FDA delist it and/or don't produce/import it anymore.
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    Balkan is a legit pharmaceutical company. It's a tuff pill for most to swallow. They even promote it at the Moldova expo for medicines.

    There's even a little girl holding a cold medicine product from them lol.

    You can see their factory on Google maps as well.

    Whether they are corrupted is a totally different story.


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    I believe some of the foreign pharma companies know full well that their is money to be made from the US bodybuilding market and that is why they make things like parabolan and Dianabol, when was the last time you heard of anybody being prescribed Dianabol? Even a company like Iran Hormone. They stick to legit meds- testE, Adrol. Anavar but why are the boxes printed in English on one side? I don’t think their are many Americans visiting Iran. I think they are fully aware that product is making its way to the underground steroid market but that’s where the money is.
    By the way, I have used products from both IH and Balkan and have nothing but good things to say about them. Both top notch.
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    Nothing but great experiences with Balkan. If it wasn't so expensive and if it were more available domestic, it would be one of the only brands I would use
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    Yes. The French pharmaceutical company Laboratories Negma produced Parabolan to be prescribed for recognized therapeutic purposes in humans from 1980 until its discontinuation in 1997.
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    Big fan of Balkan pharmaceutical!
    Orals are great and oils have always been smooth just watch out for the countifits.
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    I’d really love to use Balkan exclusively for my upcoming run . It is very expensive, though :/. I’d rather save and pay the price though as I know I’m using quality.
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    Read that thread more carefully. That wasn’t alpha lab
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    I already wrote that in one of my previous posts in the topic. Currently, there is no medical purposes for parabolan.
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    You just need one thing to have a pharmaceutical company, a valid license.

    If in some country out there, a company gets a license to make shit in a bottle, that's a pharmaceutical product.

    In some countries out there you just need to bribe an official to get a driver's license. Doesn't take more than 5 bucks. You can do it even if you never drove a car in your life.

    Is it a good idea for you to drive? No... Will you be a good driver? No. Will it be safe to be around you when you're driving? No...

    Is your driver's license legit? Yes...
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    Stop to write bullshit! NAS pharma was one of the many Bulgarian shit brand! Never existed none nas pharma in Malta! Only Arl is based in Malta! Regarding Nas they produced only aas and all the line was bunk, as the most Bulgarian shit! Steroaas shared some lab test about nas , and all was bunk! you don't know the European market, stop writing idiocy!
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    Are you dumb? Did you ever read and understand what I wrote?
    Reread what I wrote. Nas was Turkey based. The guy was Turkish. Istanbul. According their website, they even sell antiobios and located in Malta, and that was funny shit cause I knew him in person.

    C'mon boy, it's easy to understand. Even you can do it!
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    You're right, I didn't catch that at first.
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