Is Shanghai Taigui Pharmaceutical Technology Co Legit ?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Peter111, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. tanuki

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    Not this company, but another one. They were probably a middle man, but I always got my stuff. Nothing is 100%

    BTW are you US or not?
  2. lambis

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    Exept payement they receive that 100% every time.
    No Im not from US
  3. slashlove

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    Some Chinese labos looks really genuine and well presented.
    In India steroids are legal right?

    "Pain is temporary, Pride is forever»
  4. tanuki

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    We tend to complain about the US, but so much international mail goes through the system. It's easier for things to get lost in the system and through to the final user.

    Not so much for a smaller nation.
  5. jakepowder

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    only only only official web, dude, and check the name in Alibaba, every real Chinese company in there, like this,
  6. Troll gonna try ripping off some noobs.. Go fuck yourself troll.
  7. lambis

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    My newest update about Shanghai Taigui a few days ago I receive parcel I ordered from them. They do their best to help me receive what I payed for and now I have to apologize to them,for not giveing them more time,so they can reshipp.
  8. Peter111

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    I always received my 4 orders, i gone on a guy called kevin lee, do u tried again or they reshiped or something? gona order again so.... ,Seems they are online for some years, and if u search from raws their web appears on top and i dont see talking about scams on them. Get caught on customs is a importante problem, but at least seems they are delivering and if they are got caught is beacuse seems stuff is legit. What u think about that ?
  9. master.on

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    A legit powder supplier will never ever mail to the US, EU or countries where roids are widely known to be banned.

    You can test them by requesting a quote "please include shipping charges to LA California, USA"
    If they don't reply with something like "sorry sir we can't mail to this location because of gov't regulations" you got a black market seller and they can scam you in a blink of an eye.
  10. FromPoland

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    any opinion about Shanghai Yijing Pharmaceutical?
  11. TorroXL

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    Go fuck yourself. I heard it's da bomb
  12. Munky

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    My experiece with any internet purchases and I'm sure everyone else's "send off your cash and white knuckle it"
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  13. ickyrica

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    why white knuckle it? research before you purchase. it's just a little homework to not loose your cash
  14. Munky

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    Sounds guaranteed lol
  15. FromPoland

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    why you're insulting me?