IV Saline Solution lowers hemoglobin/hemotacrit

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    Thought this was worth a post. Went in to donate blood this morning, got turned away due to high hemoglobin (19.2). Later on in the day i researched if an IV of saline would lower hemoglobin just enough to donate, and came up with some interesting studies. Had a friend administer an IV 500ml saline, went back an hour later to the donation center and my hemoglobin dropped 2.2 and was at 17.Obviously why not just have my friend do a phlebotomy since I need it? Well I don’t want to disclose my usage and im not sure if he’s comfortable of doing it at all. Just thought I’d share this experience. Below are the studies I read.

    Hemoglobin and hematocrit values after saline infusion and tourniquet. - PubMed - NCBI

    Iatrogenic hemodilution: a possible cause for avoidable blood transfusions?

    http://publicationslist.org.s3.amaz...lues after saline infusion and tourniquet.pdf
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    I've gotten saline. Never lowered hct.
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    Better hydration affects how thick blood is in a given volume. If I drink decently my finger prick tests are significantly elevated. Totally logical, just a matter of dilution. It's temporary unless maintained.
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    Of course it does. Lance Armstrong et al routinely got saline infusions prior to being tested to lower HCT.