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    I tried to take it like preworkout poured it in my mouth then down it with juice. Was 99% sure I was going to die as I inhaled it all brutal to say the least. Glad it's working for you though man it helps me a metric shitton with my back pain and not having any after buzz so I can still function
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    Just got some Bali and been taking it with a pre workout I got. I swear the pwo potentiates it and puts it on a different level. Almost a euphoria/energy combo that can most only be found with an opioid. I'll post the pwo I have tomorrow at work.
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    Omg this made me laugh
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    so, it thought I would share my experience with kratom so far if anyone is interested.

    I have six different strains and a couple extracts and enhanced product bought wholesale before what was supposed to scheduling of a plant with low toxicity, low addictive potential, and documented medical use.
    so far ive only tried what is called red maeng da. dosing was started at one teaspoon which is approximately 2 grams. ive dosed it up to 10+ grams. experimenting was done on the job... because what better place to try new drugs than where you work o_O. really I wanted to see what kind of stimulating effects it had. 2g was mixed with a bit of hot water and downed in one gulp. effects where noted shortly thereafter. initial effects where stimulating, like a strong cup of coffee. but unlike coffee it made me feel a little "relaxed" and put me in a brighter mood. work seemed less torturous and I felt good.
    the next thing I noticed was that I felt warmer. mitragynine is the most abundant alkaloid in kratom. its structurally related to yohimbine an from what ive read may have a similar effect on alpha adrenergic receptors. I don't really like yohimbine, but I'm liking kratom. next I think ill start taking body temperature readings throughout the day, with and without to see if this translates into any thermogenic action.
    I also noticed an appetite suppressing effect. I wasn't hungry and didn't really care about eating.
    above 3-4 teaspoons in a short amount of time, effects became unpleasant. my head felt like I had a hangover, body felt a little weaker, and became sleepy. my drugs of choice are not downers or opiates so ill be sticking with 1-2 tsp, maybe in some black coffee. experiments will continue to see what the performance enhancing possibilities are.

    I would like to take a second and thank the dea for introducing me to this interesting new drug. incidently I also gave a bit of kratom to a friend who has bullet fragments in his lower back and leg. he told me kratom took away most of the pain and was comparable to the narcotics he often takes. it also had stimulating effects, unlike some narcotics, and made him feel "better" :D. he gave some to some people he knows and they all seemed to like it as well. I also have plans to give it to a couple other people who live with daily pain (gout, arthritis).
    that's probably not what the dea was hoping for, but fuck the dea.
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    What did I ever do to you to deserve this terrible advice :p I just mixed 10g of white horn with my cotton candy preworkout and it was quite possibly the most rancid thing I've ever let into my body
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    I have been getting fucking headaches when taking it. I take a teaspoon. Maybe its not for me. This didnt happen the first day but still had subs in my system. I had to go back to 1 mg of subs for the headache to go away. I dont know what is cause these headaches. I think it's the kratom.
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    Is there a strain of kratom with effects similar to xanax?
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    Not really. High dose phenibut is close though- for me at least. Problem is it takes forever to kick in. Anxiety passes well before it takes effect.
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    Maybe the headaches are from withdrawals... i know when i finally came off opiates i had a migraine for over a week.
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    Mix IT WITH OJ!!! Pour OJ in mouth and keep it in there. Dump tsp of kratom on top (mouth kept open) , sip a little more OJ, then swish it around well so as not to inhale powder, swallow. Trust me on this...easiest way to take it. Mixing with anything else will make you want to exhale liquid(puke). With orange juice you can't even taste it
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    It could be. I am going to taper down some on the subs instead of going cold. It couldnt do anything and I really wanna work out. So I went from 2 mg to 1 mg and I have no headaches. So thats better then nothing. I will keep trying. I just dont wanna stop the gain train.
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    That's good and at least you have the mindset to stop. keep it up!
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    Taper down to .25 or even .125mgs. I got down to .125 and the transition was super easy. Tried jumping at 4mg, 2 and even 1 but never worked until I got super low. Don't taper too fast and when you get to 1mg and below you can do a liquid taper and dose twice a day; i.e. .5 twice a day and so on.
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    We just had a guy at the facility I'm at tossed out this week for using kratom... apparently.
    He had a seizure a few weeks ago and the blood work, or so admin told him, showed kratom in his system.
    I've been on subs for 7mnths now after being weaned off meth in Apr. I'm the 1st person at my rehab who's been allowed to try this and now I'm trying to get off this as well. I'm down to 2mg Ed and recently tried rod but couldn't handle the withdrawal. I'm not thrilled about being on forever but to stay away from smack I will... just the feelings of depression and anger are taking its toll.
    I would love to try kratom to see how it helps with the cravings and withdrawals.
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    Believe it or not 2mg of sub is still a hefty dose. That's what they start heroine addicts on in rehab with virtually no sides. I remember when the shit first came out I was started in 16mg a ducking day! Take your time weening yourself off from 2mg and the withdrawals will be very minimal. The anxiety was always worse than the physical withdrawal for me at 2mg and lower.
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    They started me off at 8mgs, 16 is ridiculous. 2mgs is still high and would suck balls to quit cold turkey. I have used Kratom for slight opiate WD but I doubt kratom would help shit quitting 2mgs of subs. And yes, the psychological effects were worse than anything accute when I got low enough. I'm sure some dosing of kratom at .5mgs would minimize a lot of unpleasant feelings.
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    Just a friendly service announcement 20g of kratom in a 2 hour period is too much. I don't really know how I did it but I mixed my kratom in a shake after a big meal and didn't feel anything for an hour so I figured maybe My scale was wrong and I didn't put in 10g so I did another 10 and hot damn about 30mins later I was sweating up a storm and thought I was going to die, I ended up falling asleep on my bathroom floor woke up 4 hours later totally fine but was scary as hell. That mistake won't be made twice
  18. jJjburton

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    I think the stuff is gross it gave me a crazy headache. But I am on 1 mg now and not 2 mg of subs. The krater got rid of the cold sweats and other withdrawal symptoms, just not the headache and nausea. I will try again soon.
    Do you think that Kratom would work for 1 mg? Or should I taper more?
  19. jJjburton

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    I didn't get any feeling like that. How much you take I took 1 teaspoon and up to 3 teaspoons.
  20. MCFC

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    For me the nausea was just a side effect of sub no matter what the dosage. The WORST for me was the damn crawling skin and involuntary muscle spasms. Thankfully that mainly happened when trying to sleep.

    1mg is a good starting point to really start weening yourself off. It's a good dosage to take for maintenance as well as once you get there you can stay there until your ACTUALLY ready to quit but DONT get a wild hair and take more than needed.

    Keep in mind the half life of sub. If I remember correctly 48-72 hours is a good time frame to try to take BETWEEN doses. If you can successfully do that it will make it easier but that should probably be under dr supervision.

    I know you've been at this a little while have you thought about doing an IP detox? A good support system really helps plus they can give you meds to help with the side effects.

    Man I don't miss that shit. I truly wish the best for ANYONE going through it. Feel free to PM me if you guys ever need help.