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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by boxcar, Oct 13, 2015.

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    Strange that you came in here and seem to know how theses boards work after your first comment there ehh? Fuck off bitch boy. No one is buying your BS today.
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    I've ignored him and meso is a better experience without having to scroll through his trolls all the time. My 2¢
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    C'mon now @OdieM, he came here to help us out. Cant you see how much he cares about Meso and its members? :rolleyes:
  4. You found this source on the darkwnet and then you "somehow" made your way here? Somehow? That "somehow" should have been spelled "Boxcar." Sending 1-post shills is his MO.

    So you went to the trouble of joining Meso just so you could "share" feedback even though you have "no real interest in good or bad feedback?" Seems believable.

    No one wanted to look at lab work for this clown.
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    I think im in love
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    Thank you for that information and lab work posted, please email me and we can go about posting this on our official reddit non sponsored site.
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    Thats no joke, I grew up with three sisters, their shit bubbles smelt of death. My scientific prediction is instead of just ripping ass they hold all those gases in trying to uphold those lady like standards, n when they finally bust ass it's fuckin toxic.
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    Did anybody else get a chubby?
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    We are currently running a small sale on our superdrol!

    No minimum order.

    PS-Friendly reminder to those ordering to inform me you're from meso when ordering, thanks.
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    I was wondering why I don't have any pussies to smash and bash lately, you fuckin sissies got me on ignore! lollolllol exxxcelllllent
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    Who says womens' farts don't stink, LOL
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