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    EBK - always good to see you my dood.

    So what do you think happened to the old Meso, then? I guess more appropriately, what do you think happened to those members and why have they drifted away and stayed away?
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    Not sure why the old bros slowly dissapeared. I would assume things change here same as each generation does in society. I just miss some of the old vets is all. But life brings all of us in and out of this hangout spot. I just spent two months away, longest I've spent in three years. Lol...

    Good to see you to my brother!! Change is not always a bad thing. After all...Mesomorphosis doesn't mean "always the same".. ;)
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  3. Yeah you fuckin bitch , this is Meso, we do beat downs all day, don't be a fuckin pussy
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    You forgot TAoPhd
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    Thank you for the kinds words. Marvel is very reputable and well know across the darknet Markets.
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    Sale post dropping soon, get ready meso members!
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    Can't believe you sold out @boxcar ...kinda liked you. But your rep is doomed as soon as they get enough $ and bail. And when they do, you're fucked here. Seen it happen to toomany guys I once saw as reputable resouces. Later bud.
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    Hey, this would be my first post on this forum or any aas forum for that matter. Awhile back I decided I wanted to, after 10 years of off aas start running cycles again. Time, age, and responsibilities, and the way people go about their cycle building online meant I needed to do some looking. Somewhere around the beginning of January I had been trolling darknet and settled on this source for better or worse. So after getting the whole bitcoin thing, pgp thing, and ordering thing done and went with my first cycle which I'll post shortly below. Then....I somehow made my way here and read this entire thread and was freaked out in that maybe I made a really bad decision. Somewhere pages back another member posted if someone has skin in the game then they should post bloodwork. So, I decided that at week 4 or 5 I would do just that and have some sort of validation for better or worse. The cycle I'm running is using only Marvel labs stuff so to keep any cross ugl bias out of it. The only exception currently, is Im running from week 6 on is tren ace and dex .5 qd as you'll see by my jacked up estradiol. For the past 5 weeks I have run prop 500 qw, mast e 400 qw, and var/dbol (not convinced its var) 350 mg qw. I am attaching the bloodwork I record using privatelabsmd and lab corps I believe "per protocol".

    You can see why I started dex. I have run 1mg qd x 1 wk, 0.5 qd this week, and next .25 qd to gain control of my estradiol. My lft's are out of whack but I am a little unsure of how far oral compounds can affect ast/alt results. I also suspect my var may be dbol and as its etoh based I cannot test for it. Regardless, I'm dropping to 25mg qd. as it stands now, I have made some changes to my current regimen. These are qw doses: prop 700, masteron p (switched from e) 700, and tren ace 700, and dex. I have also added lisinopril 10mg qd to deal with a 20/10 point swing in both systolic/diastolic numbers and so far it has been corrected. Sleep has been dealt with by adding 75-150mg benadryl before sleep, and I pin as early in the morning as I can. Piss is standard brownish color, only have moderate night sweats, and my I'm aware of my temper changes so I really try to stay cognizant of what my brain is rationalizing. I also think the benadryl may contribute to the rising lft's but who knows. My weight started at 178 and went to 195. Diet is sound intaking around 170 gm prot qd, fats <40, carbs <100. After one week on AI I p'd out down to 185 which seems reasonable where Im at in my cycle. I'm definitely "leaner" and strength is picking up. Some may argue this is a crapload of gear and you may be right. I'm just sharing my experience and chemistries thus far and even though my labs look "ok" I would still have labs drawn on any ugl I go with including repeat purchases from this vendor as things change at the drop of the hat. So far so good and I hope this can be of use to some of you guys here....

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    You are off to a bad start if this is a first post. You have zero reputation, so zero credibility. Therefore this post means zero even if you are being honest, which is a dubious possibility at best.
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    I have no real interest in good or bad feedback. I don't care about my reputation. I'm not advocating this lab. My day to day goes on regardless of the response to what I posted. I'm not here to make friends or gain respect. I read the thread, decided to get my labs done, and this is the result. Take from it what you want.

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    Youre not advocating this lab, but you went out of your way to create an acct and leave that long, drawn out reply? Oh yeah, you did it for the people here...

    I hope your day to day job isnt based on logic and / or intelligence.
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    lol, and this is why I don't get involved here. Like I said, this entire thread has been about this vendor not being g2g or suspect. One of you posted up that if you have skin in the game then get labs. One of you regulars posted that. FFS I got labs because this thread is nothing more than paranoia and after reading this stuff I chose to get labs. I had already bought my gear b4 reading this thread. Seriously my logic pretty sound. You're calling the vendor out. Nobody, even Marvel has offered up any kind of lab work. Many of you wanted to see lab work and so did I to see if I got burned. So yea, I kind of did do it for not only myself but for the ppl here that made this huge ass thread. I've picked up a fair amount of info here just by reading but wanting to interact with ppl here is pointless. I posted a complete breakdown of what my 5 weeks have looked like so far. Why the fuck wouldn't I detail my cycle? And no, Im not advocating anyone and even conceded that what is g2g now could change just like that, thus needing regular labs. lol, Ive taken a lot of plays from meso's playbook right down from cycle selection to following your own "protocol" regarding labs. Ultimately posting my labs was, (somewhat expectedly), a giant waste of time......
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    I will not wasting my time reading what you post since, that other long ass post was you first post. This is third. NOPE. Better luck next time.
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    the bipolar fagism is rampant here......the best part is my labs are legit and yet you clowns carry on lol.......pretty much a wealth of info in that post plus the scan of the labs and you are more worried about length of the post and "forum cred" lol.....
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    Credibility is all anyone has here. I don't have a problem with you posting bloodwork, you just need to understand that it doesn't carry much weight. I won't say it's worthless but it does little to sway anyone here. Personally for me I don't put much stock in bloodwork from anyone on here since actual product testing is now the standard.

    You did your part and posted bloodwork, it's now up to others to decide if it means anything. You seem to think that because you posted some bloods that it should be taken as gold and you should be crowned a hero.

    Also if you have no agenda and you were just looking to post legit bloodwork why all the butt hurt remarks? You really were not attacked all that bad to be honest.
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    @sndstream who is the clown? You just joined to shill this ugl ! Thank you for your contribution ;)
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    Fair enough. My initial post wasn't meant to stir the pot. I was pretty happy I didn't get screwed and given how this thread has gone I wanted to share the results and what I've been doing to have those #'s, that's all.
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    Seriously, how is that a shill? Please tell me which part of anything I posted was a shill? Did yo hear me say Marvel is g2g, I endorse his gear, or any of that. FFS I even said whats legit now may not be later and that ongoing lab work would be needed if more gear was bought. I mean, would you rather I just join the camp and just declare his gear bunk? I mean is that what you wanna hear?I joined today because I got my fucking lab work back today and wanted to post it esp. since it came back pretty good minus e2 and lft's
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    Then leave if your not a shill. Don't post here anymore. Stop pointlessly defending yourself. When your info is right there for people to see. If anything posting more is just pushing it back further and further.
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    Someone who just joins and throws up bloods without any history isn't a good look. It usually means they are shillin or looking for a discount on future orders from that ugl. Seems to be a trend on Meso. But you wouldn't know bad :rolleyes:
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