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    Yes I was talking about MK actually. As i previously stated i don't personally like the way he operates at times or some of the things he does but saying or implying he has not contributed is not accurate. The "tread lightly" comment does me chuckle so thank you for that.
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    Christmas been fine to me...what about you?
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    so with all this chatter i take it marvel is g2g?? Oodie never found out either??
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    US domestic?
  6. If only he kept his dicksucker shut.
    More worky less talky...starting a beginner cycle "guide" regurgitating droppings when you are a month into your first cycle is more than just full of shit. It's completely irresponsible and negligent. How could you give pct "advice" when you've never ran a succesful one, never even taken a serm, and will never! Dude came here bc he recently got Rx'd for Trt :rolleyes:

    Everyone see through it Rob...well except for the new guys that come here looking for honest and upfront advice. Kid just don't understand that these are real people, making real connections, that's why no one snuggles up to a disrespectful little twat. We aren't interested in your internet persona, anyone that sticks around here can quickly discern between who gives a shit, and who is full of it.
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    So much truth in that statement. Some people come here just to be swinging dicks.
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    I'm actually on my second cycle. But again, you are the one talking about something you know nothing!! At least I contribute to the community. And at least that guide helps more new people get on the right track. If you don't like the information that is in it, then write your own version. I never said the guide was perfect and even encouraged people to do their own research. All you are doing is criticizing someone that is trying to help the community.

    I have donated my time and skills to helping promote AnabolicLab, I am covering the expenses of sending product to be tested at Simec not because I even need the product since I get prescribed AI but for the benefit of the community, I spent a good amount of time writing a guide to help people with their first cycle who are completely lost when coming here (not perfect but can be fixed and plan on revising), I will be contributing bloods in the next couple of weeks to the lab testing section, etc. etc.

    I don't know what I did to you personally TEK but I'm sorry if I offended you. I know I can be an asshole with the best of them but if you knew me personally, you would know that I'm a good guy. But, in the meantime, I'm just going to stick around with thick skin, keep trying to contribute to the community, and help others where I can.
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  9. A guide line for all new members? | MESO-Rx Forum

    You getting it yet? or should I carry on....
    I'm not giving up on you, I believe there is hope for even the most difficult cases...

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  10. Caesar is da man ! Think he could correct some of the idiots here ?
    I think he could , lol . :rolleyes:
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    Nice Dig up there TEK.
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  12. He could certainly teach me a lot. I like that he is a big advocate of bulldog breeds also
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  13. Hes taught me a bunch about dog training . And yes hes done alot to help the bulldog breeds . Great guy...
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    Only thing I believe he has contributed was what he has done for anaboliclab. That is what I was referring too when i said he has contributed .Everything you said I agree with and I believe I was one of the first to call him out on it.
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  16. silence us a pic.
    I'll go first, I'm not even big by any stretch of the imagination. But this is what I've got, it is a BBing and weight training board after all ;)

    EDIT: surprise. crickets
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    Yes, domestic only.
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    We run sales every week or every other week, PLEASE feel free to email me or PM for any questions or concerns.

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    Eat a big one dude you are such a full on dick sucking rep/shill. Too many good sources here to EVER considering ANYONE ordering from this circus.

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    CFIG... . I am not going to bash your opinion but my opinion is that if a member here is going to beat down a rep/source then said member should be willing to put his name behind a reputable source that he stands behind. I am in no way saying marvel is a good source but I'm not saying they are a bad one either.

    Beating a source down, regardless is he reps them or not, without adding proof is doing nothing to help the new members who are looking.

    Not trying to be a dick here crossfit but I see way to many respected members here beat down a source or rep, which is fine by me, but they don't bring any info to the thread other than X source sucks. Tell me who doesn't suck, tell me who you use since your so inclined to tell me who you dont....

    Im not saying give us your top rated source but for crying out loud tell us someone you've used before and would use again.

    I have 1 source who I have used and is private.... I'd never pass their I forgot along to anyone. But I've passed a few open sources along to many of people who are looking... That's where I'm trying to go with this rant.