Mexicans voted a communist, now Mexico to become Venezuela-like ?

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    Mexico's "last chance" to turn the country around elections

    Lopes Obrador, a communist sympathizer won the election
    Andrés Manuel López Obrador - Wikipedia
    he once promised to seize assets from the rich
    so everyone lives off oil revenues sponsored welfare, Venezuela like.

    Let's hope he doesn't
    but if he does, that's troubling and will lead millions of mexicans crossing the border just to get something to eat.

    I wonder why hispanics quickly embrace communism
    probably because they're to lazy to work hard and smart so they prefer to seize assets from the rich.

    This is an average 19th century American couple
    working their ass off at the farm
    they quickly realized that if they want to improve their lives, they'd need to build machines
    so they quickly embraced the industrial revolution.

    Now this is an average 19th century mexican
    sitting on his lazy butt and sleeping during the day.
    Need further explanation?
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    Sadly, a LOT of the world is blind to the failures of what collectivism and collectivist styles of government (read: socialism, communism, fascism, marxism, etc). It sure sounds good on paper, but most people in the world, are not savvy enough to understand that "money", or "wealth" is not generated or created by, or flow from, government. This is even a problem in the US. People stopped paying attention to civics classes, or they stopped being taught, enough to understand that taxation only removes money from an economy; and government provided services are a net drain on a competitive economy.

    /stepping off soapbox...
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    I love when someone accuses another of a lack of intelligence and misuses to, too and two.

    I know you are an ignorant fuck who pretends to have a unique thought process and verbalizes dogshit hued palaver when he knows nothing about the subject at hand, but this is some of your finest work. This post is to your inbred, misinformed ass what the sistene chapel is to Michelangelo- a monument to the amazing number of racist, xenophobic and uneducated drivel that can come out a person's semen scented mouth.

    You are so far gone it doesn't even bear rebutting. I just hope everyone you care about dies horribly- and you last. To attack an entire ethnic (latino) community over socioeconomic situations in a country you obviously have absolutely no idea about is curable only by death. There is no education or experience that could eradicate this deep seated ignorance and the pride you display it with.
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