Net neutrality is coming!!!!!

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    As I am an IT professional I've been learning and using alternative operating systems and Linux is a great OS to use and for newcomers to Linux Ubuntu is a great distribution. To run Ubuntu you can set up a minimal installation so as to be able to run nicely on an older machine with as little as 256MB RAM. I'm using an old IBM Thinkpad right now running Debian as Windows ran like a dog on the old machine.
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    Nice, very nice. All I know is I don't even want to get a new computer because I can't stand windows 8. It takes everything I hate about apple and makes it a huge pile of crap. I've used it on a slightly more powerful system than mine and it runs like 10x slower. It's a damn touch screen phone or tablet OS. I've got computers that thought were garbage that would probably work great with Linux.
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    You could try on a virtual machine see how you like it first?
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    I haven't seen any indication that Net Neutrality is or will be associated with censorship. That said, we don't really have complete freedom of speech anyway. If your comments online suggest to anyone that you pose a threat of any kind, you will be hunted down and arrested. Ideally, it would have been great if everything had just remained as it was, but these network providers in their endless greed wanted more. It wasn't simply a matter of people who pay more getting faster internet, but ISPs giving priority to certain content. Imagine getting 50K trying to load MESO, but 500K to load because MS ponied up for connection priority. We're already drowning in marketing; I don't want it to be the only thing I see when I sit at my desk.
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