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Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by frozen, Dec 17, 2016.

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    That is why discerning shoppers go to a Walmart in a bad neighborhood dressed decently and smile at the clerk. Employees could give a shit less and just want to move the line along.
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    LOL thanks for that tip I should try that one next time when I send some money to my brother who is traveling in Europe to test your suggestion.
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    I'll clear the air with the best way to make sure your bitcoins aren't traced and stay off the grid. To the man who posted the above statement, bread wallet itself doesn't necessarily report what happens transaction wise, how ever since you're sending from or coinbase (both are reported to the IRS and are traced) to your bread wallet, it's actuall traceable.

    The best thing to do is this:

    Coinbase or> Offline wallet---> Tumble the bitcoins--->wallet you wish to purchase your AAS with.

    Essentially using this technique, you're sending the bitcoin you purchased to an offline wallet (this eliminates coinbase from being able to trace it any further.) By sending it to tumble next, it's essentially shredding your bitcoins you have into MILLIONS of bits (1,000,000 of a bitcoin) and then sending you back the amount you tumbled. What this does is it scatters your bitcoin you bought from coinbase or to hundreds of other people, and then in return you get hundreds of other peoples bitcoin back to you (of course the same amount.)

    Now if coinbase tried to trace you, they'd end up at hundreds of different peoples doorstep...
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    I was using libertyx app but they reduced the amount of locations you could purchase the coins. Still probably works if you live in a big city. You go in a physical store like a convenience store or phone store. They sell you a slip with a code. You enter the code on the app and they send coins to yours or sources wallet directly. This route is using 0% of your personal info. is another virtually anonymous and simple way to get large sums of coins in your wallet in hours. Simply enter your location on the website and how much coins you'll be needing. You will then go to a near by bank and deposit cash into the account they direct you too. And in short order coins are deposited in your wallet.
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    I tried it about six months ago. The "stores" that supposedly sold the bitcoins. The store owners had never heard of liberty x. Happened three times.

    Fuck liberty x
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    Glad i found this thread. I got up this morn to purchase some bitcoin from circle so i could place an order for "protein" only to see i was denied. I thought they cancelled my acct i was like WTF!!!! Anyway like a lot of you , i need to figure out what ima do. Coinbase was so easy , and when you are a computer retard like me, that was a good thing. Coinbase seems more complicated than circle to me. Have any of you switched over? If so whats the biggest difference in how they work? Might have to go back to MG
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    Coinbase won't accept any of my info so looks like it's back to local shmucks
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    An offline wallet isn't what you think it is. It is totally trackable.
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    Much better to use some online wallet created via tor. So and tumble from there.