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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Ironladybug, Sep 1, 2015.

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    Keep up the hard work Boston, I don't care what anyone says that bench is impressive man. A 22 mag is no joke either, people don't realize what a 22 magnum will do... I have put down many animals with mine. Like I said bro keep up the hard work and we're all here for you.
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  2. achilles87

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    sorry Iron Lady bug, welcome to the forum happy to have you here. I hit post to soon earlier and didn't get that in there.
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    That's some funny shit B66
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  4. Notits

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    I will assume that the guy who shot you and yourself will settle things like gentlemen - face to face when you are fully on the mend eh @boston597
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    Yeah if I can find him he left the state.
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    I'm sorry manny and manny lady I didn't mean for this to be about my dumb ass..BTW THOSE
    Yeah those 22 magz AINT no joke I wish it was a 38/40 go rite threw that bitch took the internal tour and dropped off some serious damage on the way threw till it stopped about 1/4 inch of coming threw.
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    BTW those calves are sweet I got to admit I go back to page one sometimes. To peek :oops:
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    They sure are. I'm a lucky boy to be able to be a part of these calves.
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  9. boston597

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    Bro it was weird it BURNT like fuck but I was so fuckin mad it didn't even bother me till about 4-5 min after then I hit the deck started spitting up tons of blood and the rest is crazy flat line a few times craziness
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    Make a great recovery brother...take it one day at a time. You are lucky you aren't dead. I myself nearly lost my own life in a devastating fall 13 years ago. :eek:
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    welcome. Please start a training log to help other women and some of these he-men here!
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    Hit me up manny
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    Welcome iron ,
    I also am new to the forum. But have been reading for years .
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    Welcome and awesome intro!!