Niacin and cholesterol

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  1. rubisean

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    I have bloods on the 20th.
    I had to drop it after two weeks though.
    I will post up if I had any changes with such a short duration
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  2. T-Bagger

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    Why’d you have to drop it?
  3. rubisean

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    It elevated my fasting glucose and I was not comfortable with that.
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  4. rpbb

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    I take statins, have been for years. They work great, and have been a wonder drug for alot of people. My high cholesterol was genetic, could keep it somewhat in check, but when I popped a 350 while working out 5 days a week and eating clean, made the jump

    BTW, my doctors theory and research says the majority of high cholesterol is genetic. And that's usually the reason you take them for life
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  5. rubisean

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    Ok so here we go, I donated blood Saturday and with that they check chlosterol and I had a significant drop.

    I quit taking the niacin about 3 weeks ago because it raised my fasting glucose.
    I continued to take coq 10 and red yeast.

    So my total cholesterol dropped from well over 200 to 174

    I will get the results of my full labs from my doctor today.
    I am happy with these results, hope this helps someone out.
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  6. JP1979

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    Can’t wait to see your labs, I’m getting labs tomorrow, should have them within the week. I took the niacin maybe 5 times but have continued the coq10 and ryr just like you did.
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  7. jJjburton

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    Fish oil dha and epa or whatever dropped my cholesterol siginficantly, and drinking olive oil. 50 pts for ldl lower and 10 points higher hdl
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