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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Nordic, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Nordic

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    We have dropped our old email If you are a current client and have not received our new email please PM me
  2. Nordic

    Nordic Member Supporter

    We are going to add Raloxifene and a new tren/mast prop blend to our list. Will update clients with as soon as they become available
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  3. K.mcclen

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    Hi, new to the site and not sure how to pm you. I'm in durham region, east of Tronto. My brother is in the army and recommended some of your guys' products but he doesnt have a link out my way.
  4. marco11

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  5. Nordic

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    Hope all you brothers are safe and are as unaffected as possible. Things are going to be tough the next couple months. I pray you all fair well during these times
  6. Cownan

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    Hahah. I go off for awhile, come back and im an owner! Saweeeetness. Not sure how that came about but whatever Ill takeit. Moveover Nordic im taking all your gear!!
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  7. FlawlessSet

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    no mate its because you wrote this "We are sponsored on a canadian forum as well. Glad to see people on both it and meso"

    you see how that sounds like your nordic? o_O
  8. LVBB

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    You’re caught red handed, just easier if you come clean. Nordic is still a good name.
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  9. Nordic

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    Thanks LV. We are a good brand lol

    We are thinking of doing auction sales here while this whole coronavirus is going on during the month of april. Each week do a different item sale. Gives you guys something to do and a break on pricing. Would you boys be interested in that?
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  10. LVBB

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    Hey @Cownan @Nordic just come clean. Now is the best opportunity. Evading this won’t make it go away.
  11. Nordic

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    I will respond to this once and that's it. We are not working multiple accounts. Already being on 3 forums, working real life jobs, and then working with our team doing this, none of us have the time nor care to work unnecessary accounts for a lab that has a great name and doesnt need it on any forum. Nordic has made a name for itself so what would be the point? So yes, our team is going to keep ignoring this and any post that isn't a relevant question or concern. Please let's keep this as a good thread with proper q and a's.

    Question still remains to what you guys think about doing an auction on Meso here. We will put together what we think will be a juicy haul and see what you guys think. Just trying something new as during this time it could be a fun idea
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  12. Nordic

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    We are thinking since its spring this would be the possible auction items. If you guys are interest let me know and we will start it this coming monday

    3 prop100mg
    3 mast prop
    3 tren ace
    1 Anavar

    And start pricing off at 100$
  13. LVBB

    LVBB Member

    You’re taking the dishonest route, well that’s a mistake. It’s clear as day what happened. Just come clean, it’s your best option. What’s the point of lying at this point? It will turn your reputation sour. You keep the auction then and I’ll bump the reminder.
  14. EazyE

    EazyE Member

    Just to play devils advocate, why the worry about this?
  15. LVBB is probably the biggest joke on this website, he’s accused me of being two different people at the same time. The guy is a paranoid schizophrenic.
  16. Starting price for all items is bid at 100$?
  17. RikudoCan

    RikudoCan Member

    Because it's dishonest and not accepted on this forum..?
  18. EazyE

    EazyE Member

    Maybe but think about this....we buy illegal AAS from drug dealers essentially. What’s honest about that overall? Just saying....
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  19. EazyE

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    And reality is everything about this business is dishonest—from fake profiles to fake handles, stealth shipping, crypto currency payment, etc. It all revolves around illegal activity which is ultimately dishonest. Did you catch on to something here? Does @Cownan rep for Nordic? I have no idea nor do I need to know. The sources on Meso serve a purpose to supply product to customers. In business not everything is always what it appears. I am not about to get hung up on details like that, unless somebody gets screwed by a source. The Nordic folks don’t cause anyone any grief.
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  20. I'll be honest.
    I'm kind of 50/50.

    But Cownan reviews and buys other gear that isnt Nordic...
    Spends time on other parts of Meso
    Is honest about the reviews etc.

    So I'm thinking maybe a slip?

    Not sure, my quick look about turned up that Cownan ks a solid member that isnt a shill.

    It's not like other shills or alt accounts weve found with Godtropin or PG
    On this one, I'm kind of just going to half ignore this situation because @Nordic is solid and @Cownan is a good dude

    Also @Nordic ... I'll play lol
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