~Ogh ...check out homeboy selling real GP Dbol on e-Bay ...

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Oregongearhead, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. anyone who buys from eBay or craigslist deserves what they get there a guy also selling fake Kalpa from Vegas.
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  2. MindlessWork

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    That is totally fucked I have to say. People who push gear on eBay are retarded shills or lamebrained scammers.
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  3. dbolman

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    I don't see how selling gear on eBay makes someone a shill or a scammer. It's not the brightest move but it doesn't fall into those categories. Care to elaborate? No, you're one of those guys trying to fit in. Good luck with that.
  4. MindlessWork

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    Buying or selling gear is against eBay's rules (and Paypal's)and also how will a buyer know if the quality is decent? There are plenty of ripoff artists there, don't forget.
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  5. redrum720

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    I think someone here is an ebay pusher :)
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    I was trying to figure out how selling on eBay makes you a shill or a scammer. I still don't see your point. How does anyone know about the quality of anything they purchase sight unseen? I agree, it's a bad move to sell on eBay. If we call everyone a scammer it loses its meaning. Scammers are people who have been PROVEN to scam another person. Where does the shill part even fit in? It was a stupid statement from mindlesswork. That's all.
  7. Im a big e-Bayer , but Im not pushing buying illegal substances on e-Bay , just reporting on the "current state of e-Bay" . Its hide-n-seek for scammers ....
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    LMAO I buy and sell things on ebay (legal things!)
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  9. redrum720

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    Steroid are legal just call them prohormones
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  10. E-Bay has always been an outlet for illegal activity . Mostly stolen goods but steroid scammers have found ways to get around the rules ...
  11. MindlessWork

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    Definitely...stolen goods surely do get fenced on eBay. That's why I am a bit wary when I buy things on ebay as I got burned once before when I won an auction for an antique camera for $750 (I am a photography buff). Camera turned out to been stolen from a photographer.
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  12. redrum720

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    It's all.in the description I'll put a pick of real Thailand products but say it something natural at the end I'll.say what it really is and get away with it
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  13. Check this out ....If I sell something on e-Bay and I word so that only you and me understand what Im selling , I could keep selling "under the radar" . E-Bay has a list of illegal substances , and if what Im selling isnt on that list , its gtg . They can only ban whats on that master list ....
  14. CdnGuy

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    Forget about the gear pusher...I wanna see who the genius buyers are !! Haha images-3.jpeg
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  15. MindlessWork

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    Bet someone pushing Test E (whether real or bunk) could simply word it something like "muscle enhancer" or "muscle supplement" for example to get around the filters
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  16. Exactly MLW ---Lets take the word tren for an example . If I try to start a listing for TREN , it will be pulled eventually . TREN is on the master list .

    But if I call it TRAIN and you and I understand what TRAIN actually means (TREN) then you and everyone that understands what Im really selling will keep buying from me .

    ^^^^This is whats going on now, its a form of code that only the seller and buyer understand . Now do you see how things are sold illegally on e-Bay ?
  17. Morefyah

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    I have unloaded plenty of ph's on eBay since the recent PH ban
    I am pretty much done with harsh methyls, and I need to get rid of them.
    I was thinking about turning them in to local LE, :rolleyes: lol..

    Instead I marked everything up 10 times!
    It's amazing that people would pay that much rather then just use the real deal.

    I honestly don't think LE is going to come kicking down my door.
    I am more worried waiting on a pack to clear customs or having the man show up to my house with it.

    You would think LE would use there resources trying to take down ugl's and such, not somebody with 15-20 bottles of PH's in the stash.
  18. I sell my bodily fluids on eBay...

    I market them as a Sports Drink called "Tyrone's Creamy Goo"

    I make an annual Income of 100k just off of my Creamy Goo alone...

    Next year I will launch "Tyrone's Golden Thirst Quencher"

    Watch out Gatorade! :eek: