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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by desert, May 22, 2014.

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    desert you crack me up good stuff...I got some time if I go the route it will be my fall cycle/blast. You know what I really don't like is the idea of having to take shit like caber or prami who knows what the long term sides of that stuff is.
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    At our age 'long term" is not a phrase we use anymore :)
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    their are things i would change in my life , but no changes in the way i cycled,
    ill be 63 in 2 weeks i have a pic in my profile .
    and for fun i ride a 2009 big dog k-9 chopper with 117 cub inch s&s motor,
    and i hope to hell i never grow up ....
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    I like the sound of this..... I'm going to put something together similar to this soon...
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    Haha some of you guys putting us kids to shame :) 43, at the end of cycle and I'm already feeling old and sore this week. Seems those extra weights I've been moving around have put the already pained joints under pressure. Got to get these elbows and knees right to ensure I'm still gtg in 20 years. Thanks for the inspiration!
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    Hey yeah I would love to have 30 more years of weight training left in me... It's inspiring to know that guys are still going at it at 60+... They are definitely way ahead of the curve at that age...
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    Best way IMO to get the joints strong is EQ. I was skeptical at the reports I had seen about repairing and strengthening connective tissue/joints at a 340% better rate over natural healing. Well, almost 6 months later I'm a believer. In fact, other than my Deca cycles, I can't remember when I've had no pain in my joints. I ran it at 300mg/wk for 3 months and 450mg/wk for 3 months and will probably continue it through the end of the year. Great stuff :)
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    Originally Posted by MR10X View Post
    Best cycle i ever did was
    Test E 600 mg week
    EQ 600 mg week
    tren A 350 mg week
    masteron E 100 mg week

    This is a good cycle to gain new size,its probably more than you would need just to get into good shape or just lean up and get ripped.
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    I can't fucking believe your are 63 years old judging by that profile pic... That is crazy...
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    I've never run a cycle that heavy and with so many compounds but I got quite a few under my belt now and I wanna step my game up... I'm looking to put something together to really explode this time.. It will take me a few months to get everything on this list but when I do start it I know it will be well worth it.. How many injections per week did you split this up into?
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    i'm 65 and started with aas at 40. Will probably continue until I drop. My mainstays are test, tren (every other cycle), mast, and deca. I've tried probably all, but these work for me. Over the years I've had numerous injuries, resulting in surgeries, due to lifting or playing sports beyond my age, as my wife says. what does she know?
    Yeah, I ache at times, but who doesn't? Deal with it!
    Tren will give me sweats and insomnia for a week or 2 but levels after that. nothing other, cardio is not effected and no rages. We all react differently. Really good to see others still hitting the iron with a little pharm help. Wouldn't change anything.
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    44 this July 27th...
    Running 100-100 tren E Mast E this week
    Next Week... We will see.. Just started Turin today, too
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    This cycle evolved from my first cycle with tren.I had intended using Test E and Tren A,600mg test a week and 75mg tren ED.First problem was i lost lost my appetite and had to make myself eat enough calories so i added the EQ it fixed that problem.So now it was 300mg Test E,300 mg EQ and 150 mg Tren a every three days.I know people say tren A should be done Ed or EOD bit this worked for me and having done ED shots before that got old fast. In one of my cycles i got pretty lean so i decided to add the masteron E 100 mg every three days with the Test,EQ,tren. You could divide the doses and do EOD shots using the same total doses.
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    Almost 50 but I feel better then I did at 30, I can't remember my 20's so.
    Current - .50ml sust, .75ml EQ and .75ml mast eod. I don't know if I like all these new veins but I can play ball for a long time ;) Next up in a few months is tren, winny, and clen with var. If it don't kill me it will make me stronger.. :)