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    when I did Sustanon some years ago, I waited 3 weeks after the last pin to pct. I don´t remember anything specific about that time so I think It went all good. Did blood work about 3 months after that and I was ok.

    I always believed that with test C and E, wait 2 weeks to pct, taking in consideration that half-life is about 7-10 days, you just wait for 14 days. Now I found here that mg per mg, it builds up in the body all through the weeks and it takes more time to leave the system. I don´t know if this does make sense because there is a reason you split injections two times per week instead of just one, in order to keep blood levels stable.

    Honestly, fuck if I know. I will do test blood work on day 15 after the last pin and then will see.
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    There are calculators for this.

    After 14 days there is PLENTY of exogenous test left with enanthate, cypionate or Sust. Need to wait longer. You may recover, but optimizing PCT is about keeping as much of your on cycle gains as possible. Most young guys would “recover” fine.
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    we´ll see.
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    Best advice i ever got if your going to cycle and pct, is either be ON with elevated levels, or OFF asap. And begin pct.
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    I’ll have bloods before I start my pct. I have some set up for when I’m home just to keep a check on shit. I’m really wanting to see what my e2 is because I’m holding a good pretty good amount of water. I just don’t want to automatically up my ai if I don’t know where my levels are
  6. If you’re not on hcg a simple way to determine when to start pct would be to get a blood test and check TT levels, it’s like $12.95 + $6 for just TT at ulta labs.
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    does that mean that if you are on hcg you will never stop to have testosterone in blood?
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    I usually get regular blood tests on cycle. As long as my doc has a “reason to suspect some hormones are off” my insurance pays for it. I lucked up with a doc that will help me do whatever I need in order to stay as healthy as possible while I’m on.
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    I really appreciate everyone’s input. This is a prime example of why I joined this forum. You guys are the shit!
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    Ok, I had just posted about swapping to a short ester, thought I may be too far in, but I re-read the sticky and I think I’m going to swap to a low dose of prop around 8 weeks, then work my dose back up and carry the prop until the sust should be gone. When I’m done doing that, I’m putting the sust down for good lol
  11. Well the hCG is gonna stimulate the balls to make T but depending on dose hCG wears off pretty quick compared to TC, 36hr half-life.