Pharmaceutical vs UGL

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    Not really, unless I have the original pharma sample to compare.
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  2. i've used plenty of pharma gear. When i first dipped my toes into the anabolic ocean, the term UGL didn't even exist yet. The Test was Test. It didn't do anything different than the UGL Test i use today.

    Your argument is that two identical products are different, one being superior to the other, because of where it's made, who made it and the name on the label.

    Your anecdotal feelz reports are nothing more than placebo effect. You believe that because it's a genuine pharmaceutical that it does more than it's exact equivalent made by some schmuck in his mom's kitchen.

    You're also conveniently ignoring the fact that blood work has shown no difference between the two.

    As i said in another thread. You're essentially trying to convince people that a $100 bill is worth more than two $50 bills.
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  3. AlwaysHungry

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    No you're saying that 1$ burger is the same quality as 30$ burger.

    Did y buy your pharma grade gear str8 from pharmacy with a receipt?
  4. Oh Christ. You're impossible. No, i didn't get it from a pharmacy, so it must have been bunk, even though it did exactly the same thing that my current UGL Test does.

    That must be bunk too. Probably never used real gear in my life and the 50 pounds i've put on since restarting must be from the creatine and all the water i drink.

    What about all these guys stating their blood work numbers are the same? Are you going to keep ignoring that or just flat out call them liars and shills for the UGL's they use?
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    I've never once found a ugl that puts my bloods near pharm. It'll be good one batch next will be shit, or full of fibers and hair floating in it. One batch smooth next insane pip. I don't see how it's a myth. I've experienced time and time again.
  6. AlwaysHungry

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    Yeah probably your pharma grade was ug with just pharma grade package , get over it you just spend money thinking it was pharma grade no problem happens to everyone.

    Read what I say I don't say its bunk!
    Myself I use more ugl than pharma grade.
    In fact I prefer ugl cause I can pin with smaller gauge needle.
    I just say that pharma grade is just more potent 300mg pharm deca is very strong.
    Bloods maybe be the same who I doubt it most users who do bloods on pharma they buy it from the internet so it's fake.
    Is just more potent.
    When y guy from pharmacy you'll see.

    If y was from Europe I'll send y some real pharma grade test to see the difference cause it's no placebo.

    Here in Greece we buy stuff from pharmacy and even Americans bodybuilders professionals says the same
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    Well my pharma that I use comes from my trt clinic. I also use ug because it’s $25 vs $75 there’s is no fucking difference besides 3x the price. Same with the deca from my clinic vs the ug lab I use. Same with the hgh. You don’t know what every probodybuilder says because you personally don’t know everyone.
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    Just out of curiosity: what brand is Pharma Deca here in USA? And what is the concentration. I have never used pharm Deca only ugl. I see some Iranian pharma but it is only 25mg/ml. I don’t want to pin 7 ml of oil to only get 175 mg of Deca! Now if it were 100mg/ml then I would definitely give it a go.
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    So how about US pharma vs China Pharma vs EU pharma? Is there a difference?
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    To the best of my knowledge there is no pharma Deca in the USA anymore. You would have to get it from a Compounding Pharmacy. There are a decent number of Compounding Pharmacies that offer it but you cant get it from Walgreens, CVS etc.
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  11. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Hmmm... compounding pharmacies. What is the difference between those and UGLs???
  12. S317

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    The Deca is from a compounding pharmacy I get it through my trt clinic. It’s 250mg/ml.
  13. S317

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    I’ve just always thought of them as ug labs that found a legal loop hole lol
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    Depending on who you talk to it can be a world of difference! One is a magic elixir guaranteeing cannonball delts after a couple injections the other is just extremely overpriced GSO!

    I like the others here who managed to make it out of the 3rd grade, possibly just 2nd grade am in full agreement with you that 250 mg Deca is 250 mg Deca ugl or Compounding Pharmacy.
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    In the news they're constantly saying that something like 90% of meds come from China. Who's to say that we aren't getting raws from the same place as the pharmacies?
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    American Regent Inc. produces 200mg nandrolone in the US last time I looked. It could have been taken off FDA list recently that I'm not aware of.

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  17. AlwaysHungry

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    Much difference we talk about fda approved
    Organon , Norma etc
    7.98€ 1ml 250mg (actually 178mg minus the ester) Norma test e
    9€ 2ml 100mg/ml nandrolone decanote Norma

    Organon comes at 25mg/ml dint remember the price.
    But you get what y pay quality those are bombs for real , not to bash ugl cause I use ugl 95% of the time cause its cheaper
    But they cant be compared
    Also the olds oxybolones greek oxymetholone
    Also anapolons if legit very strong stuff
    Less is more with those pharma grade drugs
  18. MadBret

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    Literally, guys in this thread telling you they use prescribed pharma grade and also use ugl and are not experiencing differences between the two. If the ug abombs are dosed correctly, they will also be some very strong stuff. Instead of all this anecdotal bs, why don't you post up bloods from using pharma vs ugl? On second thought, nevermind. You have already shown yourself to be a gearwhoring, lying shill so why should anybody take what you have to say seriously? Bottom line can't fix stupid. Enjoy you overpriced, likely knockoff underground pharma gear, bud.
  19. AlwaysHungry

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    Μολων Λαβε
    So go to the pharmacy if you're in Greece and try some dont be a cheap ass ot you better enjoy to stay 180lbs
    Most of y getting minor results from cycle cause y use bunk anyway.
    I said there are some good ugl properly dosed good potency and clean and I prefer them but again it dosent gonna match norma as any serious pro bb
    Norma best test hands down
  20. AlwaysHungry

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    It's like y say Hyundai is as good as Porsche literally all of y talkin bullshit
    You feed your egos to show yourselves that the items y buy is as good as top notch gear.
    Ok no problem I accept it but you're fooling yourselves you know it I know it we all know it pharma is not the same as ugl.

    Most of y stuck at some point y fix diet y increase gear y increase weights but still the same maybe a slight recomp.. did y ask yourself why ? Y do it all right.
    But the answer is this and many of y dont get it cause you have much ego the answer is LEGIT HORMONES