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    ok, time for me to go lift. I travel to gym an hour away today. So time for me to go. I check PMs etc tonight when I return :)
    have great day everyone.
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    Thanks pcom received my mk-677 and rad-140 today, I have to say the super stealth shipping was outstanding! Right now I'm cruising on test and EQ due to cholesterol liver and kidneys being elevated from last blast. Thinking about adding the mk and rad. Thoughts? Recommendations? dosage?

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    GREAT NEWS !!!
  4. Do you have blood tests on hand?
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    Yeppers, I'll PM you.
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  7. Hi, thanks for feedback, we hope you enjoy it.

    If you have questions about cycle, pct, blood work interpretation and so on, our specialist will help you:
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    This was W2. Took 3 weeks to USA West Coast!
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    Oh Ok. The Lig is Probaly ok but maybe i can give The mk to a Friend
  10. Ok
  11. Tremuser

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    Unfortunately he doesn't answer to Emails. I wrote him weeks ago :(
  12. RThoads

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    mk677 is what I have the most interest in because it raises GH output.
    Similar to how peptides such as modGRF(1-29) and GHRP-2 works , but so much easier to just take an oral pill.
    Do some reading about the mk677 before you give it away and maybe you will consider wanting it for yourself :)
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    I know (guess) the answer it's somewhere in this thread pages, but if someone could just give me an hint of what's about this talking about mk and others. People are testing them so Pharmacom will decide to put this on there store? Is that it? I'm asking cuz I'm interested in mk677. Thanks
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    Yes, right now some free samples of new things are being tested by volunteers.

    I am sure it will be announced when these become available for sale.
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    Thanks for the clarification.
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  16. Actual form of athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

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    Been a quiet week around here -- but that is good I guess because it means everyone is happy :)
    When people are satisfied, then most people do not have much to say/ask.
    Works for me -- I can spend more time at the gym!
    Have a great weekend everyone.
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    Any news on when pharmatest E amps 250 mg is gonna be back on stock
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    I received my samples of RAD140 and mk677.

    I was taking 30mg of another brands mk677 and feeling fine, i though it was good.

    Yesterday i took 30mg of Pharmacoms sample and i cant even feel my feet and hands, fu*** numbness, i dont know if i was taking a fake mk677, if the sample is overdose or it is not even mk677.

    When i say it is strong i mean it, my fingers hurt and the numbness is sick.

    Right now im on 200mg Test Phenylpropionate and 200mg Primo, taking 30mg mk677 and 7.5ui GH on top.

    On 7.5ui Gh and another brand mk677 i wasnt feeling this way, ill keep dose the same a couple of days more and see