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    DHB cyp 100mg / 40,- USD

    New line Nandrolone NPP 100mg / 40,- USD ( old line SOLD OUT )

    Comming soon

    10ml line
    Testo PRO
    Testo CYP
    Nandro Deca
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  2. pharmasource

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  3. roccotano4

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    when modafinil will be in stock?
  4. Toni72

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    Hello, do you have experience with testo mix "sustanon" pharmasource? Thank you
  5. Apopkared

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    Anyone know if the DHB cyp is 10 or 20 mls
  6. strongerlife

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  7. strongerlife

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    Pharmasource you have mail :d
  8. Antinomy

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    It’s only me who find it strange to have no communication after payment.
  9. TNotch347

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    Give it 2-3 days and then ask for tracking
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  10. TheDogSoldier

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    ^ what he said, might take 4 days before tracking info.
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  11. Antinomy

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    Sorry, I shit on myself when I don’t know.
  12. marco11

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    Ya out of the bunch of times I've ordered I've always got tracking a few days after. They ship ALOT of stuff
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  13. strongerlife

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    I think there real bussy but they will send order for sure

    Im also waiting for payment info
  14. Davidinovg

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    Just give them time, he is the best!
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  16. @pharmasource is this still available....1000 Winny 10 / 110,

  17. turky

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    I haven’t heard back from him for a couple of days... I hope all is good.
  18. strongerlife

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    Yes i email him respons

    Hope he is oke
  19. Pong

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    everything is ok for me, the first package arrived today the second will arrive tomorrow
    large order split in two
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