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    Is it possible that you make some custom blends? If so what would be the minimum amount to take to make it valuable for you? Thinking of something like a Test/NPP/tren a blend @100mg each and a test/Deca/Tren e blend @200-250mg each. Don’t have problems with pip and like to reduce volume of pinning.
  2. pharmasource

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    Not now sir, may be in future I will make some of new blends.
    Anyway 600-750mg blend will be FOR SURE not users friendly :)
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    What brand is your Cheque Drops?
    Also if you have pictures of the tablets/packaging that would be appreciated as well.

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    Anybody know how long the general T/A to Germany is rn? 3 Weeks since the initial tracking and no update since then.
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    Our own line
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    We’re over 45 days for the US so good luck
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    Please send me e-mail with track. With all Covid delay delivery time to germany was around 10 days usually
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    10ml line
    Tenbolone ENA 200mg / 25,- USD !!!
    tren-Test ACE+ACE 75+100mg / 25,- USD !!!
    Testo UNDECANOATE ! 250mg / 20,- USD
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    Are you working on an injectable methasterone or am I imagining having heard about it at one point?
  11. gacela

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    Hi there, I just started using testosterone propionate from pharmasource, and during these days I have had quite a lot of Post injection pain, it is not my first cycle and it has not happened before, it is the first time that I try testosterone propionate in particular.
    I would like to ask if anyone has tried this same product and the same thing has happened to them or is it just me? and if anyone has any advice on how to reduce this pain?.
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    Maybe your body doesn’t like the mig oil used.. it’s possible.
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    There are 2 possibilities, you don't like mig812 but your Corp may not be used to it, and Fast Esters are usually more painful. Heat your bottle a few minutes in hot water like your shower, inject gently. I have no other solution. Be very hygienic because 20ml is long to finish and more possibilities of contamination. Good cycle
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  14. gacela

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    Normally I warm it by hand before the injection, but I will try to heat it more with hot water, thanks for the advice.
    I know that short esters tend to hurt more, it is something to which I was exposed, if someone has any other advice I appreciate it
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    Any feedbk on pharmastar mk677?
  16. marco11

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    Test prop kills me I can't even use it. I have to stick to long esthers unfortunately.
  17. Savagesteve

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    As mentioned, it’s probably the mig or the prop. I have some buddies that can’t run prop and my body absolutely hates Enanthate.
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    Put in an order and didnt figure in my 10% discount for crypto.. maybe you'll notice and throw in something... if not, oh well, guess it's a tip for always being reliable.
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    I got a lab test for the HGH "pink Top S"
    HGH was at 49.6
    used 10iU, bloodwork done 2hours and 10 minutes after intra muscular injection.

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    Are you going to bring pharmstar primo again?