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  1. Capt Forest

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    what are the specifics of you cycle?
    How long have you been on this test?
    How long have you been on this adex?
    What is your dosages of the drugs each week?
    How long was blood taken after your last injection?

    These questions all need to be answered so we can get quality info from your results.
  2. Nrocinu

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    12 weeks test E 500mg week split wed/saturday

    500 iu hcg split the same

    arimidex .25 EOD

    Bloods taken on tuesday of week 7

    Worth it to note my test before cycle was around 1100.

    Sterted 50mg var ED gonna up it to 75mg in a week or so
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  3. rpbb

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    Thanks, always appreciate testing
  4. Nrocinu

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    Of course, like stated before its about us voicing our experienced and concerns to keep US safe. Cant be putting potentially harmful stuff in our bodies ‍♂️
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    How old are you? Sounds high
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  6. Nrocinu

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    25, its on the higher end. Im sure ill get alot of crap for my age
  7. MisterSuit

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    Do you have evidences that his salbutamol is fake? I experienced a very good feeling with it, and I’m not the only one.
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  8. MisterSuit

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    I have no problems with your continuous bashing on me, I just invite you to reflect on your own words because I’m not attacking any of you and I’m concerned as you about source quality and reliability, I only don’t like when everyone talks badly about a source when there are also good aspects.
  9. GreekAesthetics

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    I'm running his galenika test-e too (500mg/wk). I'm going to get bloodwork next week and post my results here.
  10. jackbladezzz

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    I’m calling you out because the exact post I quoted from you has you claiming it’s effective. Yet you post today that you have no experience if his pills are effective. It’s conflicting. It’s not bashing whatsoever.
  11. movingiron88

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    That's great, who are you to call him out. More importantly if you are a student cough, cough a really old student, professional student I will call you. Why do you spend all of your day on this thread defending this source. I'm calling bullshit on that. You have a vested interest in this source and it is disgusting. I know here you go with the 34 number. I'll indulge, I have a great job, make great money and am a supervisor on a large scale bridge project. I get to spend a lot of my time getting paid and can watch the forum which I am a member of. My interest is this forum, what is yours since you spend all day on this thread and nothing else?

    I am probably the only member.that has run lab tests on PS gear. I had 12 bottles of mast e 200 which were all clearly marked and the same. The product tested as I recall 138mg of mast p. It may not be a problem to some but it was to me. I emailed PS and was basically told i was a liar and all his products tested good. He could not provide testing on it though. He copped that arrogant self righteous attitude bullshit with me as well and lost a big spending customer for life. If his attitude was different It could have went a whole different way. But that was his decision. I wasn't looking for a refund I was looking out for the community. Which @jackbladezzz you are not a part of. You have not done a god dam thing but suck PS nuts since you have been here. You are what many here despise. So say what you want your words mean nothing to me. I have made a bunch of friends here and chat with them regularly. They know me and my interests. So what are your interests @jackbladezzz
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    1. You’re an imbecile to think late 20s is ‘old’. It’s called grad school. I understand your education and knowledge is seriously lacking and you probably just fail to understand this.

    2. You do realize how fucking stupid you sound? You tap about ‘helping the community’. I call out somebody who’s flip flopping on what he talks about with a source’s pills, and instead of you questioning THAT member, you get a hard on for me. You truly sound like an idiot at times.

    3. Maybe if you shut the fuck up with your meaningless immature bullshit on the regular (o which literally nobody cares to hear, aside from MAYBE 1-2 people) perhaps your posts wouldn’t fall on deaf ears.

    4. I could give a fuck less about this source’s financials. And it is of GREAT interest to me if you’ve done labs and showed his stuff is not up to snuff. Instead of coming here and saying exactly this about actual legitimate results, and having some actual conversation about this, you decide to just run your mouth like a 16 year old know it all on the regular.

    5. I hardly was even posting until recently, and am obviously more active now with this talk of possible fake products, etc going on. Not because I care about the source, but did it ever cross your mind because I have a SHIT TON of product myself?

    6. Look at my recent postings. You claim I’m ‘sucking his dick’. The fuck are you talking about? More of your meaningless claims. I’m sitting here calling out members for true transparency on their claims, to help the community like you falsely want to claim you do, and that’s riding a source’s dick? Unreal

    Every fucking post I make in response to you, falls completely unresponded to by you, as it makes too much sense what I’m saying. You just constantly yap on and on, accuse me of this or that, but every fucking time when I confront you about it, you will simply say ‘I can walk away’ or not respond. That’s not being a bigger man, that’s just being an immature fuck. Is it seriously too much to ask of you?

    You’re not some Internet forum guru, nobody respects your made up sense of authority. tWhen you come on here yapping absolutely nothing that helps this community, how are you on and on about being ‘for the people’ here? Seriously, what do you ever do besides come on here and drop some dumb shit about me or this source? Nothing ever is of actual substance from you.

    You could at this point, actually grow up and I’d be happy to discuss some stuff with you, but instead I’m sure you’ll resort to your typical immature behavior.
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    Why would I respond to your posts look at you, you bring nothing to the table but shit talking. I don't need to provide any proof the proof is in your history. You say you care because you have a lot of gear, I don't see why that would make you stick up for the source like a little cheerleader. But my posts have been effective because you Definetly have tried to hide your shilling since I started. It has let people call out and question PS without you girls jumping in. So I will continue to call you on your bullshit. But I won't be responding to your stupid shit talking.

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  14. jackbladezzz

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    Exactly as predicted, another dumbass post and in no way responding to anything.

    -Quote my post where I’m ‘taking up for the source’. You can’t, you can only repeatedly yap baseless claims.
    -Why would you ‘call me out’, for questioning another member flip flopping on what he says about a source’s pills. That raises no red flags to you? You don’t question his credibility?
    -A 34 year old ‘project supervisor’ who says “winning” at the end of his posts on an Internet forum? And you want people to give clout to any of your postings? :rolleyes:

    All you’ve repeatedly done with your postings, is show other members how dense you are. The ‘points’ you believe to have made, are purely existent in your own mind. You completely ignore members who should be questioned, and are hyper focused on somebody else who is posting nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps talk to a psychiatrist because you’re showcasing quite manic symptoms on the regular.
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  15. image.jpg Any idea what st-10 and my-10 are guys?
  16. jackbladezzz

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    I’m pretty sure that’s winny and Dbol. A lot of pages back somebody said this.
  17. Fml duh......I’m an idiot lol
  18. To be called a sample though wouldn’t you need more than 20ish 10mg of either of these compounds to knownits effects?
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    Sir, if you read carefully I said that I haven’t tried his OILS, I have tried his PILLS and they’re good except adex, which didn’t gave me good results on bloods, but maybe it wasn’t the right dose for me. I only said that I DON’T TESTED pills, with this statement I wanted to say that I didn’t got them lab tested, I wasn’t referring to personal testing.
  20. MisterSuit

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    Man, can you read?

    Seriously, your argumentative skills are very poor, if you invest a third of the time you spend in insulting people on simply reading what they say, you could have much better results.