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  1. 511Levis

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    Few order and all are smouth !!
  2. Iron Vett

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    Anyone have any recent experience with the Shree Venkatesh hcg?
  3. shady

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    used it about 3 months ago, worked same as pharma for me.
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  4. MisterSuit

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    It’s like the pharma one.
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  5. Maktub

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    Oils from shree venkatesh seck .. some underdose or just plain oil.. i do not trust that surce any more.
  6. TenPin

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    I’ve been using it 3x per week along with a slightly high TRT dose of Swiss Remidies Sus 250 for a while now with no problems. Posted bloods a few weeks ago if you want to trawl back and got my partner pregnant while using it .
  7. Capt Forest

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    Why have you avoided adding caber to the pharmastar line?
  8. Savagesteve

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    From what I’ve seen mentioned before by other sources is because the Raws are crazy expensive and hard to dose.
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  9. pharmasource

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    Very true. But I have from them only Ovigil and is hcg bestseller, working like pharma grade. Its interesting , but its real.
    And their sildenafil and tadalafil are great.
  10. pharmasource

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    The cheapest RAW is still more expensive like pharmagrade.
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  11. pharmasource

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    Will be tested, but not exactly now. Iam waiting for Chemtox summary how much tests was done , but I think that for last months we are close to 30-40 tests. In my oppinion not bad number.
    Anyway for sure will be tested new line Oxandrolone 10+25mg, new line Stanozolol, D-bol, may be tadalafil and sildenafil , new line testo ENA+CYP = all Pharmastar bestsellers.
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    Tested poorly at for years
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  13. Yeah most of their oils tested horribly on Anaboliclab. I do not understand the reasoning behind under-dosing as a bottle/amps of AAS can be made for literally a couple dollars per 10ml. hcg is a very cheap raw too, so I would be surprised if a source faked it. However, if they will fake a $2-3 bottle of test then they may fake a kit of HCG too.
  14. MisterSuit

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    If you’re looking for a cheap caber alternative you might want to try pramipexole, if nausea and stomach pain won’t kill you (lol) is a valid option.
  15. Yep. Prami is much more effective but a lot of people can't handle it. The 0.17mg (something like that) prami tabs are a good option...low dose so you may handle it pretty well.
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  16. decepticon

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    @pharmasource sent you a email asking about the eta of the

    I paid in advance and would appreciate it if you keep me updated.
  17. Den84

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    I tried shree tadafil, bought from a source in my country, it’s the only one products that I tried from this lab And I can confirm that it work very well.
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    Is only me or Blockchain Wallet is having issues with transactions? Plus: ProtonMail is also giving me problems and I can’t see messages in my “sent” folder, so I don’t know if I listed everything good in my order. Life is testing my patience, I know it.

    Edit: just completed my order (I did the first part during his vacation just to keep things at that price and have everything sent in one package), everything smooth (except some issues on my side, read above), communication on top, everything fine.
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  19. MikeLiftss

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    Yeah no pip or warming up his oil for test/tren. That’s the positive. The negative is tren bloat :(.

    Are you getting tren bloat from his Tren Ace? Or maybe I’m the few unlucky ones that responds bad to tren?
  20. MisterSuit

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    I still didn’t try his line tren ace, but I can say that certainly the tren bloat doesn’t depend on how it’s brewed, it’s a side effect of tren itself, your body just don’t tolerate it at a certain degree and react like that. I’m sorry for you mate, it’s a really really uncommon side.

    EDIT: in the previous post I was talking about SR tren.