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    I keep seeing that they are hiring for alot of different positions, I wonder if they lost a bunch of staff in this process
  2. Jankauskas

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    Are these positions related to the stupid mask making endeavour they are doing now?

    Cant see why they would lose workers in a time like this unless they were firing them...
  3. Btcowboy

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    Looked like laborers, robotic techs, etc
  4. LeoTC

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    Why I won't buy Rogue, literally just paying for the name.

    Screenshot_20200710-200918_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20200710-201034_Chrome.jpg

    Went cheap, but it's got around a 300lb capacity. Really only picked it up because I didn't want to build a cable system off the garage.

    Rack is moderately priced and expandable with crossover. Figure a $500 add on beats $1k+ for a dedicated crossover.

    Whole garage is dedicated to gym fort, but I'd like to keep enough space for some leg machines too.

    Been thinking about it, company I came across sounds promising. They're a home business and working on ramping production.

    Plates seem way more durable than straight crate plates.
  5. Jankauskas

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    Thanks for sharing your equipment.

    Ironmaster has great products too, it seems to me, but everything out of stock and not exactly cheap.
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    I have that same HulkFit rack, but not the cable part. I ended up cutting off those foot plates and moving the cross member out further so I could squat inside the rack. I tried squatting facing the other way, but would occasionally bump those foot plates.
  7. LeoTC

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    Foot plates?

    Think I see what you're talking about. On the back edge of the rack?

    Oh shit, I do see what you mean on second look. I might need to modify myself, we'll have to see how it feels.

    I used to squat out of a half rack without much issue though.
  8. flenser

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    Yea, I'm used to a half rack too. Trying to get under the bar facing the back is pretty awkward with those plates and the cross member right under the bar.
  9. Btcowboy

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    I bolted my rack down to the platform I built. Gives me the option to remove that piece. I seen a video where the guy also screwed down some blocks of wood to prevent the rack moving side to side and front to back.

    Another point, if you leave it attached, I squat at the front of the rack facing out. You are still inside the cage, and your not staring at a wall a foot or so away, letting you chose a spot to look when squatting.
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  10. jJjburton

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    Just grabbed barbell off amazon finally. Looking for plates now. I need to deadlift again! Deadlifting and squats made my whole body so much bigger.
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    Then barbell landmine press and rows. I find barbell stuff much better then dumbells, but dumbells do have there place.
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    Welcome to Covid pricing, it's everywhere. Prices for weights in my area hit $4-$5 a pound. It was insane.

    It's come down a bit now, but a great deal is hard to find.
  13. flenser

    flenser Member Supporter has some plates for a little under $2/lb
  14. sinewave3

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    These just arrived!

    Initial inspection quality seems great. The 45s look to be a bit smaller in diameter than my old rubber framed Weider weights, but going to sell those locally so no big deal. They do have some stank to them, need to unpack and hose them off tonight.

    Might make another order for some more 45s and 2.5s
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  17. Btcowboy

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    Funny you mention the size of your 45s. My 45s are exact same diameter as my 35s m, weighed them though and they are 45s
  18. Ozzy619

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    My buddy has a good hook on plates right now if you haven’t found any. They are manufactured in Tijuana but are going for a good price. We use them in our home gym.
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  19. Avies48

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    Like rubber coated? Or bumper or? Would love some info
  20. Ozzy619

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    steel plates. Shoot me a pm

    1748F0D7-9254-4B2C-9883-D42F7C0BEBEF.jpeg 1748F0D7-9254-4B2C-9883-D42F7C0BEBEF.jpeg
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