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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jwole33, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Jwole33

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    Never had this happen before. I’m definitely not going to pick that shit up. Delivery on an international order was supposed to be today. Got all my other packs today but this one I got an email from the usps tracking saying the package is being held at the customers request. I didn’t request that at all. Just curious if this has happened to anybody else?!?!?
  2. Eman

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    Ask the source if they required a signature.

    It's unlikely you'll have any issues going to pick it up. It's typically the post office that requires the signature, little unusual for it to be requested by sender.
  3. BigNattyDaddy

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    Call and ask them why it's being held since you didn't request it to be.
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  4. tengtren

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    You didn't order anything. Always remember that, if you call just say "I've received an email that you have a package I need to come get?" Don't say "why do I need to come get my package?" Or just let it go. It will be destroyed in several months after you don't claim it
  5. Xragexx

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    I’ve had international orders unexpectedly require a signature before.

    To be safe I’d play it like @tengtren said
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  6. KillaBig

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    Had it happen with Gh from a international source twice. Went and picked it up everything was cool.
    But play it at your own risk definitely wouldn’t call or make any noise about it either pick it up or don’t
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  7. flenser

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    If they plan to arrest you, they won't lay a trap at the post office, they will get a warrant and come to you. Then they will search your house, take your computer, your phone and anything else they can find.
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  8. ThE SiCkNeSs

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    This is why I like to order a lot of things online at the same time I order gear. That way, even if I have to sign for something, I can always say I thought it was this or that from eBay or amazon.
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  9. Jwole33

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    I grew some nuts and just went for it, all is good. Thanks for all your input, greatly appreciated!
  10. Dax

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    Was it a signing issue? If not why didn't they just deliver it to you house? If you think about it you would look like you where trying to get away with something if you didn't go down there to at least inquire about it I agree with flenser if they feel you did something illegal they will just come to your house might as well go down.
  11. KillaBig

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