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That can be 1-2 grams if you use the usual 20-25mg, like you can just calculate yourself 1000mg/30 etc. Just ask for 2grams then make 20mg/ml suspension then you can dose 1-1.5ml/day, you also can up the dose if you want I have not seen complaints on as high as 50mg that's up to your chemistry with the compound and all that
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Yeah this sucks, I hope ppl handles this quick ! I forgot about all this pangea bullshit going on right now , and ordered a bunch of growth and raw ... now I wish I would have waited til this bs was over to be sure ! @Leancuisine sorry hear about your stuff getting snagged bro , he needs to handle this shit or this thread is gonna turn into a shit show because I have a bad feeling your not gonna be the last one that runs into problems in the next few weeks ...
It still going on? I thought that shit was over? Fuck. That explains a lot.


Well I've been off of gear for 3 months and taking 25mg/day of clomid, I've still be unsuccessful in making a cute little mixed baby with my girl. So I've had enough of it and I want to get huge again. This is what I have planned for my next cycle. Let me know what you guys think.
1,500mg Sustanon/week for the first 12 weeks
1,000mg Deca/week for the first 12 weeks
1,000 Tren E /week for the first 12 weeks
600mg Mast e/ week for the first 12 weeks
750mg Trestolone decanoate/ week 12 weeks
700mg Trestolone acetate/ week first 8 weeks
100mg adrol/day first 8 weeks
50mg dbol/ day first 8 weeks
10iu growth/ day, 5iu morning/ 5iu night
10iu humalog/ postworkout
.75mg pramipexole/ ed
250mg tudca/ ed for the first 8 weeks
12.5 mg Aromasin/ eod
Found it!


It still going on? I thought that shit was over? Fuck. That explains a lot.

Im not sure I heard it was , but it just seems like alot of packs are still getting snagged ? I know if it is done it just finished recently so that could explain why recent orders took a hit ... I know one thing I could give shit less about my raws I just hope those assholes dont touch my growth lol !!
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