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    Dude, even the energy drinks can be a killer. Gave up everything including caffeine at one point. Not even a cup of coffee for seven years, then was out dropping trees with a buddy.

    I found out my tolerance for the cold had gone out the window.

    Got back into the coffee. Come summer I was dropping 20-30 Rockstars a day.
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  2. Surely you're exaggerating. Dear god, i hope you're exaggerating.
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    20 -30 a day??!!??? You're an animal...haha..i drink a white monster before I workout every day..Sometimes drink another later on..They do absolutely nothing..haha. I think i just like the idea that they could.. Haha
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    Not at all.

    I was into the uppers bad way back when, and went nuts on those thinhs for a hot minute. Works out to over 7600mg a flipping day.

    Friend is a Pepsi rep so I was buying pallets for next to nothing. Got way outta hand for a bit. Now I'm back to avoiding caffeine all together unless I absolutely need some help to keep going.
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    I used to never drink coffee, and sometimes energy drinks. I would get my caffeine either from caffeinated water, or diet Mountain Dew. There was a time where I was drinking probably
    3-4 monsters a day, then when I was forced to sit down and go over my budget, I noticed how much money, I was spending on energy drinks. So I eliminated them. $175.00 a month on that shit. Fucking rediculous. I don’t really go to meetings, but if I am asked to by a friend, and don’t have a prior obligation, I try and not turn down requests, for some reason it seems like AA OR NA drinking energy drinks is “the new cool thing.” It’s funny too a lot of people new in sobriety, a lot of time are short on cash all the time. So I think it’s funny if someone shred in a meeting how they are trying to not let the fact they don’t have much money get them down, but yet they are drinking there second monster of the meeting. I try not to fuck with fake sugar as much as possible but I am a sucker for diet Dr Pepper, I like it more than regular, so I will have one every once in a while but no more energy drinks because of cost and crash, and I am really trying to limit my coffee to 2 cups in the morning and that’s it.
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    Soooo true.

    If I'd been paying retail I'd have been dropping damn near a paycheck a month on the stuff.

    Really don't like or care for soda or flavored water. So that hasn't really been a thing for me.

    But those no sugar energy drinks...damn.

    It's actually why I spend anything on PWO. It's way cheaper per serving, no sugar, get a lot of stuff that I'd supplement on its own, and it's NOT convenient. I've got to mix it and it's usually luke warm water with a not wonderful flavor.

    Way way less inclined to over do it.
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    2 cups in the morning is about all I drink too, then it's food time..Its funny, I never was a coffee drinker until I started attending meetings. I use to watch my parents and think, why are they drinking coffee when it's 95 degrees outside..Haha. The Monster's are pricey, thanks ruining that for me
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    Ruining it for you, or reminding you the lunacy of paying for them. Lol.
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    Yeah, its a bummer that there really aren’t any preworkouts that are decent tasting, I am sure it has to do with the high concentration of everything in them becomes really hard to find a flavor that covers it. the preworkouts that I have tried, make me feel crummy, a dirty high is the only thing that goes through my mind when I have used them. Tbh I used ECA 30mins prior to my workouts. Trust and believe I was an addict of all addicts, my favorite drug was MOOOORRREEE. I don’t have a problem with ECA. I have used modafinil and really didn’t think it was worth the money. I try to look at most things in life, and ask myself,” Is the juice worth the squeeze.” Energy drinks, preworkouts just don’t don’t do it for me. If a ugl made a pre-workout That didn’t give me a headache, and irregular heartbeat and tasted good. But had some zing to it. They would make a fucking fortune.
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    I'll grab the cheap-o Mr Hyde stuff at Walmart more often than not. It's actually pretty passable as far as the taste goes. Doesn't seem to have the same chalky bitterness that a lot of them do.

    But like I said, usually use it more to get through work in place of coffee and stuff now. Actually try to avoid them all together before I hit the gym in terms of an energy boost.

    Though I definitely need a hit post workout at times.

    I need to get back k to just making my own. I'd buy canned beets in bulk and dehydrate / powder them. Then it's just a matter of add mixing Citaline, Beta, Arganine (NOT AKG), Ornithine, and a EAA's.

    It's cheap because I buy everything in bulk, the Beet and Citraline actually bring the flavor, and it's non-stim.
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    I don’t do well we pre workouts either every few workouts I’ll use nutrabio pre extreme and actually feel pretty good on it every time no jitters no flush no crash it’s got intra workout carbs in it too definitly makes my workouts last longer and doesn’t taste like shit I drink the first half before workout and the other half during
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    I like l-citrulline much better than arginine. It’s arginine’s precursor, and actually is absorbed much better. trips me out when products have both.