Shortness of breath from tren???

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by bg65, Apr 6, 2006.

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    bg65 Junior Member

    I realize that this is a laughably low dosed cycle for many of you, but I am running it as a cutter and just wanted to avoid catabolism. I blow up on gear anyway and even at these doses I am gaining weight while losing fat and my cals are so low I feel like I am starving (about 3000/day). Anyways...

    25 yrs old
    6'5", 250ish lbs, about 12% BF and dropping
    100mg tren E/ 4 days
    250mg Test E/ 4 days
    30mg Tbol/day
    .5mg Femara eod.

    This is end of fifth wk and I am now discontinuing the Tbol. Anyway- I have been getting totally short of breath if I do intense cardio and I've been having to rest for some time between sets to catch my breath. This is the first time I have ever used Tren and even at this super low dose I have been getting night sweats. Has anyone else experienced shortness of breath while on Tren? The results have been incredible though. I have not had hypertension,
    just checked it yesterday at work.
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    chap Junior Member

    It is a common effect from tren. Cardio ability goes down on tren.
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    stevemac Junior Member

    yea this is normal sorry to say.
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    Joffa Junior Member

    While we're talking about breathing problems while on tren, does anyone ever get a fit of coughing shortly after injecting tren even when correctly aspirating? I remember when I used tren, several of the times I went into horrible coughing fits about a minute after finishing injecting.

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    stevemac Junior Member

    yea thats normal too..unfortunately
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    bg65 Junior Member

    Thanks for the replies. I had heard that people get SOB from tren, I guess I should have stressed the severity of my SOB in my post. I am getting great results from this cycle but I am just amazed that such a low dose of tren would make me so short of breath. Yesterday, I thought I would have to stop my workout- this was the first time I really got SOB so far on the cycle. After I got my breath back though I finished my workout and just took longer rest periods between sets. What is it like for you guys that take like 400mg/wk?
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    manfreakca Junior Member

    yha i breath like a ox between sets to
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    stevemac Junior Member

    if it's that bad you should stop IMO, maybe you have a worse reaction then normal. Just like i cant take ginseng because i take a bad reaction to it and can hardly breathe for days until its out of me. weird i know.
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    Big_paul Member Supporter

    Never had any shortness of breath, but night sweats ya. Seems like I sweat all the time when using tren. Last summer I had my body fat down to around 5% and at that time I had to snack alot to maintain energy. With no body fat your body has no reserves to draw from. May be this is your problem.
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    MANWHORE Member

    Just the fact that you got down to that low BF,you were probably not eating enough carbs which was probably the reason you had no energy .. I could be wrong but if you were in ketosis,5% should have been plenty to keep you running without being hungry .. Tren also IMO has a very good effect ,, as far as we are concerned .. on the metabolism .. I was very hungry while using Tren as i mentioned many times wanting to eat .. rather eating everthing in site and not gaining a lb of anything .. . I felt my endurance went down while using Tren also,but i was using the 5X5 at the time which i'm sure had something to do with it

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