SIS Labs Test vials, What happened?

Discussion in 'Steroid Pictures Forum' started by Tahsin, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. brownbro

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    Yeah good call on dumping it man not worth the risk for the cost of a few vials, especially UGL...
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    good read man I didn’t know this
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    I really don't think it's worth the risk in trying to save it. What if you "salvage" some of it, pin it and have some really serious side effects? Imagine your body going into shock or it literally eats or destroys the muscle it was exposed to from injecting a rancid solution?

    Especially when it's still easy to come by. I'd cut my losses and not look back. No harm no foul bro that's life.

    It's your body but I would just hate to see something serious happen to you. Not worth it IMO.
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  4. ickyrica

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    Can you actually show the name of the compound on an unopened vial? I am seeing dark color oil but kinda wanna see the front of the vial to see what color matches what compound. I know you told everyone, i just wanna see it for myself.
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    No worries but do you even visit ?
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    Hey man, did you ever decide what you were going to do with your strangely discolored vials!? Hopefully you aren't going to risk it and use them.
  9. S.B.C

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    OP I would have emailed SIS and have them comment on this thread, it's making them look pretty bad.
  10. Gbro

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    Maybe you could do that, since you're so worried about there rust colored sus.
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  11. Tahsin

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    I did and found others on Google images who had the same issue I think they used cheap oil which hasn't been filtered out properly? or non USP grade in this batch which makes it go rancid within 2 years.

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    I would find out what carrier oil they use and trouble shoot from there.