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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by MEEKmlz, Mar 16, 2015.

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    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

    I understand. Being totally honest with you, I do not exactly know the processes of our customer service dept as I mostly oversee the boards, but please PM me order # and I'll look into it.

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    I already cancelled my money order, now I'm waiting a week to get my money back. Like I said, 3 weeks wasted.
  3. liver

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    Are there any sales coming up before I put in my order? Just waiting in case there's something big coming up!
  4. elliot3000

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    Hi there,

    I received my tracking number 8 days ago and it is still invalid. I emailed customer support but got no response. I would like to know the status of my order. Can you help?

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    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

    I didn't hear about any upcoming promos. We're still quite busy with changing the name, domains, URLs, etc, so don't think there's any coming.

    Will ask management, though.
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    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

    Hello sir. Yes, I can look into it.

    Please PM me order #.

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    Looking to get the most out of your hard earned money? Steroidify has your back as always. For every dollar you spend you can earn up to 15% in bonuses to use on your order for even more products! Get shopping, and start earning today.

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    Who is using WU or MG now a days, use bitcoin, lol
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    Yes. Won't take long for us and other sources start accepting bitcoin only.
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    GrowthBio 191aa HGH Brown Top is presented in 10 vials x 15IU and reportedly contains 15IU of somatropine per vial according to the label.

    The samples were forwarded and received by the analytical laboratory Janoshik on June 07, 2019. Janoshik performed HPLC-UV quantitative dosage testing on June 09, 2019. The report was completed on June 09, 2019.

    Label claim: GrowthBio 191aa HGH Brown Top has a label claim of 15IU somatropine.

    Actual contents: GrowthBio 191aa HGH Brown Top was determined to have an actual content of 7.75mg/23.25IU somatropine.No microbiological contamination was detected.


  12. Claim: 15 IU
    Actual : 23 IU

    That's approaching double of what they think is in there. Their ability to come even somewhat close to label claim doesn't fill me with confidence.

    Good marketing ploy, i guess. Low ball the label claim by nearly 50% and the feelz reports will be nothing but "fiya".
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    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

    You can send one to analysis and we'll pay for it. We'll also replace the product sent.

    That has been a permanent offer from Steroidify for 5 years. We'll pay up to U$700 for anyone to send a product purchased from us to independent lab analysis.

    You can do it 100% anonymously.
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    I tried to create an account on your website yesterday and today, but am being met with a "server error" msg. Any idea when the ability to create an account will be available?

  15. TestiCult

    TestiCult Member

    Also is the main website now? I saw on page 3 where it says go to but shows a limited selection with stuff I dont see on .ws . Please advise - Thanks
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    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

    Our current main domain and store name is (have already requested change here), but will redirect correctly.

    I believe we owned at some point but now it belongs to someone else. We heard a few horror stories about it recently.

    So, this is our site:

  17. TestiCult

    TestiCult Member

    Good to know, and thanks. Any advice on getting the account set up? I cant create an acct still. Thx
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    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

    It seems to be working fine from my end. Can you try a different browser?
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    Scrn shot on chrome

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    Same error on firefox... used google chrome before

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