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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by supirman, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. jbrand

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    Absolutely up the carbs during the supercompensation phase. Looking back on your diet plan, you did real well psychologically for someone keeping their carbs all in the PM, good work.
  2. supirman

    supirman Junior Member

    Pics will be Saturday of this week :)

    jbrand, that was my original proposed diet, but I added lots of fruit during the day to keep from feeling like shit. Was still close, but dropped the fat a bit to compensate for the fruit calories.
  3. supirman

    supirman Junior Member

    Well fuck me. I've been looking at the photos taken each day and I honestly can't see a single difference from start to now. It's quite disheartening, I thought I was making progress.

    I'll keep taking photos and will post them Saturday.
  4. jbrand

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    9 days even at 200mg should yield some results. My experience is that the dosage should always correlate with your caloric intake. Sticking at lower doses would mean a pretty strict dietary regimen, although it seems like you really planned things out. I'm on day 5 here at 400mg and even with the water I see obvious results. Just hang in there and start bringing calories up around isocaloric (33% each group) after day 3, and drastically cut down the fructose. Also, as an extra precaution as far as shut-down t3 levels I'd keep calories as close to maintenance as possible. Sometimes we judge ourselves too harshly (even with legitimate pictures) and it's not until others start making comments that it becomes more real.
  5. supirman

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    I kept my calories right about the same as I've been using on my diet to this point, right in the neighborhood of 2300-2500 cals. There might be some slight improvement, but I don't see much if anything. Maybe I ate too many fruits last time. I might give it one more try eventually. I have 4 weeks til I leave for vacation and I want to be shredded!
  6. supirman

    supirman Junior Member

    I'll be posting pictures on Saturday. Maybe you guys will be able to see some difference in the photos.
  7. wesley90

    wesley90 Junior Member

    Where are the pics?
  8. Austin316

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    DNP is so strong I don't understand why sources don't make it in smaller doses.
    Like 50-100mg caps would be awesome.
    Not everyone can take 400mg but they could probaby handle 250-300.
    This way here you wouldn't get so damn hot all at once either.

    Austin 316
  9. wesley90

    wesley90 Junior Member

    Who here is using H's DNP?
  10. athlete0185

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    i was, but i stopped today. i used it for 12 days i believe. had a really bad experience last night, and decided to stop. was originally going to do 14. i will post the story later, it will be a good read for anyone who has/is thinking of using dnp.
  11. Candy

    Candy Junior Member

    I was using H's stuff, very good shit. I will be starting another cycle tomrow, I will be keeping it low at 200mg. I jumped into 400mg to fast, when I was at 600mg I felt like I was going to die. Considering it has a half life of 36 hours means that the pills overlaped, which means I had about 800mg of DNP in my system. Is this accurate fellas?
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    Not to derail this thread but, i have been interested in running DNP for about 3 months. I have done tons of research on it. Only sources i seem to be able to find are pure powder. I don't want to cap it. Just to risky. If someones could point me into the right direction via PM that would be great :eek:)
  13. Candy

    Candy Junior Member

    Sorry bro, w/ just one post idk if anyone will trust you just yet.
  14. Candy

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    Supirman - Are you going to post pics today? I believe you said you were. I am looking foward to seeing your results.
  15. Candy

    Candy Junior Member

    What happened to the pics bro?
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  17. road warrior

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    Tell the story

    What happened?

  18. pupeye

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    This thread is from June. This bro hasn't been on the board since January. I think its safe to say you will not be seeing any pics.